Most webmasters and site owners aren’t aware that Google often has trouble crawling their mobile site. That site, which is typically an add-on to the main site, isn’t usually linked in a way that Google can find it.

Google keeps a separate index for mobile sites and the vast majority of mobile sites (local merchant site, especially) are not in the index because the code that causes mobile devices to redirect to them isn’t “Google-friendly”.

WP Media Sitemap, by James Reilly, lets you solve that problem quickly. And there’s good money to be made by marketing consultants solving this problem for local businesses.

In fact, this WordPress plugin fixes a number of problems that limit Google’s appreciation of your site (or your client’s site):
• Corrects on-page mobile SEO so Google is able to find your mobile content
• Generates a mobile site map daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your frequency of updates
• Generates a video sitemap
• Generates an image sitemap

This plugin comes with a guide to mobile SEO and includes lifetime upgrades.

You have a choice of three licenses: Single-site, unlimited personal sites and developer, which allows you to sell it with sites you build.

Get this solution to mobile site blindness here: WP Media Sitemap

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