Warrior Faraaz, along with his partner Wajahath, has released a WSO he calls Gig Gladiator, and it’s a tool serious marketers can use to save lots of time and get better results.

There are two major functions of the tool:
1. Finding Google Alerts for finding blogs, videos, news and discussions or anything else in Google’s alert systemrelated to your keyword

   With the Google alerts you can quickly find discussions, blogs, videos and much more, related to your keyword. These locations are places you can go to build a backlink for your site by joining their discussions related to your keyword.

   Every day you can use this software to find fresh, news articles, videos, discussions, blogs, etc., to comment on and drive traffic to your site. Some of the sites are highly-ranked, so a backlink from them will be both quick and beneficial.

2. Searching for Fiverr Gigs related to a topic you choose and sorting them in any way you choose to easily find the one that suits your needs best.

   Now you can quickly search Fiverr for any type of gig you may need, then sort the results by any one of the columns and pick out the best gig for you.

   In the results listing you get current work rate, current status, and other info enabling you to pick the best gig for your project.

   For example, you can find the top Fiverr sellers and sort them by review count. This way, you get right to the best reviewed gigs within seconds. Not only that, but you can also export your searches into MS Excel spreadsheets for repeated use.

If you are looking for targeted traffic to your websites the Google Alert section, used wisely, will solve that problem. If you are looking for qualified, proven workers to help you with your projects, the Fiver section, used wisely, will show them to you.

This tool can speed up the most important aspects of your work and, at the same time, give you better results. That’s a winning combination.

The price is about $15, but it’s rising, so go here now: Gig Gladiator

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