Next year there will be hundreds of millions of new domain names available when ICANN opens up the “.anything” Top Level Domain name capability. Instead of being limited to .com, .net, .org and various .country names, the field will be wide open. How about .camera or .bicycle or any other name you can imagine.

Proposals for hundreds of these new TLDs are being reviewed by ICANN now. Many will be accepted. Are you ready?

Mac McMaier has created Domain Gold Rush to explain how this coming change can be used to your advantage. For example, you can already reserve these coming domain names, and not pay until they are formally announced.

Domain Gold Rush is an information packed 12 page report about the new top level domains which will be coming up in 2013, what they are, how & where you can immediately pre-register them, how to profit from them and also included is a list with almost 800 new TLD which you pre-register right now, listed alphabetically and ordered into topics.

Armed with this information, you can be prepared for the coming domain explosion. Go not to learn more here: Domain Gold Rush

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