This Clickbank Colossus report tells how to set up an auto-running site that sells a Clickbank product. He includes “The exact steps I took to go from making pennies on the internet to making my first $xxx online – $657 from December 1st to February 1st to be exact, from one income stream.” He includes:

  • A 14 Page (12 plus the Title/Disclaimer pages) PDF Report
  • The exact niche he used.
  • The services and strategy he used to get a quick ranking of #3 in the Google SERPs in under a month.
  • The methods he used to generate the traffic to my website.
  • How to find trending topics for unfamiliar niches.
  • A Cheat Sheet with links to all the services he uses plus some alternatives
  • A list of all free WordPress plugins used on his websites that helped secure a nice SEO ranking

Get the facts on the Clickbank Colossus here.

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