James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “Summer for Info Marketers”. [é-Wealth Daily’ Article]

James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article:

Summer for Info Marketers

We had a hard winter. Whether you’ve been living in the mountains or down near the Gulf of Mexico, you probably caught a lot of winter of some fashion in your area.

Even if you’re a fan of winter, you’re likely ready for some sun, fun, and excitement. Summer by nature and reputation should be that time where you can kick back, relax, and allow that well-worn entrepreneurial brain of yours to recharge.

It should also be understood though that, at this point, summer is a special rebound time for business pros. It can be a point of meditation where you can take some time off and plot out the remainder of your year and how you can do better business while you spend time with the kids while they are off for summer holidays.

To go a bit further, a lot of information marketers don’t really prepare for the summer season. It’s understandable that a lot of them are thinking more about holidays and time off, but it’s fair to say that they often focus on this too much. Summer can be a good time to do a bit of decent info marketing business. Other pros might be keen to take time off, but you might want to consider taking another route. In fact, their time off might
benefit your info marketing business.

Summer-based info marketing takes on its own form and one that’s fun to work with. If you get ready for summer in information marketing, you stand to achieve some great success over the sunny months and have some fun, too. Here’s a few ways to go about it:

— Summer deals: This is a no-brainer. Got some leftover info products such as books or compendiums that didn’t go out at Christmas? Got a new product that you’d like to launch in a fun summer promotion? Want to increase your client base by offering your newsletters at a reduced subscription price? The months between June and September are a good time to do all of these things. When I mentioned that other pros are off
during summer, I wasn’t joking. In fact, a lot of people are off. And when they’re off, they might be interested in checking out some information. This is your time to cater to that great summer info desire felt by the public.

— Events and attractions: When summer’s on, you can bet there’s a lot to do. People are getting out of the house more, traveling, and exploring a lot. If you go to your info topic sources, be they car manufacturers, digital media pocket products, or food producers, they are likely putting on a slew of conventions and exhibitions. When the dates are announced, that’s your cue to get out to these events. Your reportage and
discoveries at these events are going to be exciting, and your clients will pay to get the info on them as well. Take some time to get out to the best info events and attractions that you can.

— Info forecasting: Related to the above point, summer is also the time to get a feel for what is coming your way. When you were a kid, TV shows went into summer reruns, but that usually meant new episodes were coming. Info marketers can take a similar approach. While things may have died down, info marketers have to gear up and take a good look at the future of their business. In short, they can do a little business
forecasting. Everything from what new products within the range of their info topics are coming out to what business trends are worth adapting for the coming year is worth consideration during the summer. I’d especially recommend getting in touch with companies that you produce info about and making business connections with other pros related to your business as well. You can begin carving out new business
relationships and even get in on some fun surprises well before the trees start to turn color.

— The time-out period: I saved this for last. It’s not a business move of any kind. The meaning is all in the words — that is, it’s time for you to relax and let your brain have a holiday. If nothing else, there should be a point in your summer sojourn(s) where you can take time for yourself, even if only a short period. Info marketers need a holiday like everyone else. Their brains are on the go a lot more than other entrepreneurs, so the months of heat are a good time to get some rest. Take some time for this, maybe keep a journal of ideas in the process, and come back to your business fresh and ready for action in the fall. You’ll thank yourself later on that you did just that.

When you’re a business professional, you really don’t have a proper holiday. But summer is a time for info marketers to mix business and pleasure together. Once the sun comes out, info marketers can absorb it and the summer life to generate new success for the remainder of the year. In the end, it’s worth taking it all in.

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