James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “Can Info Marketing Be Funny?”. [é-Wealth Daily’ Article]

James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article:

Can Info Marketing Be Funny?

Does business have to be serious? Can having your own business be fun? Moreover, can it be funny?

This question comes up a lot with entrepreneurs more than you’d think. Especially in information marketing where so much of your work is dependent on providing factual information, the idea of the entrepreneur being a comic or gagster is really not in the cards.

But it doesn’t always have to be this way.

If you are someone who has a flair for all things funny, you are in a good spot as an info marketer. Unlike other entrepreneurial businesses, information marketing has more than one outlet for humorous material. You don’t have to follow the stiff suit-and-tie, strictly business-type models laid down by other business types. Sure, it might seem strange, but you really have a lot of options to incorporate it into your work, right from how you create products to how you market your material.

Here are some good ways to go about it:

— Create Humorous Content: When I mentioned earlier how factual information marketing has to be, I should have stated how serious some marketers can make it. They’ve done their homework for sure, with facts and figures galore. There’s only one issue — reading it is like watching paint dry. It’s too mechanical. This is almost an error if you want to create a successful business for yourself. You have to make content appealing to the eyes. It’s at this stage you actually should stick in a joke or two, a humorous anecdote related to your info content, or even create gag-like content to illustrate a point in
one of your products. People like facts and drama a lot, but they love to laugh more. If you have a talent for this, you should see where in your info content something funny could fit and go about experimenting to put it in there.

— Use Comics or Illustrations: This idea came from another info marketer I met who used to keep a sketchbook. He told me he failed high school art class, but kept drawing in his spare time. One day he decided to slip a comic into his newsletter send-out to give it some much-needed visual appeal. Out of the blue, he got a ton of responses from his clients on how much they enjoyed his strip and how they’d like to see more. He went so far as to create a whole graphic novel as an info product. You may not want to go that far, but if you have a good pen stroke to create fun(ny) comic strips or illustrations, see where it can be put into your info products. The interest in them from your clients could be huge.

— Maintain Good Taste: Before you get going, we’d better discuss the matter of taste. A lot of people pride themselves on their talent for “scatological” humor. This is just a fancy word for crude or dirty jokes. Actually, I’d be lying if I said I have never laughed at these jokes. It can be really funny talking about taboo stuff. But my advice to info marketers is to lay off this type of humor. There is a big difference in life between random dirty jokes and actual humor. Info marketers who really want to express their funny side should shoot for the latter. Any class clown can knock off jokes that are locker-
room grade, but a real pro should work to develop a repertoire of solid, clean humor that people can relate to.

— Create an Individual Humorous Info Career: I can’t remember who it was — maybe a writer or comedian I saw in an interview who mentioned that they felt they had no talent for the dramatic material they wanted to produce. One of their friends thought they should switch gears and try for a new angle in humor. Reluctantly, they did and eventually they made a career out of being funny. This is a great lesson, I think. If you need a long-term direction for your info products, creating ones with tasteful, recurring humor is something worth investigating. If you think of great comedians or comic strip
artists, these folks likely came to that conclusion a long time ago and are now paying off their mortgages with their funny material. Remember that people need humorous material. You might even get people seeking you out for gags or how to create funny content. In the end, if you can create humorous info products that are appealing to the public, you really can be in a class of your own. It can become your own unique business model.

You have to be serious in info marketing, no question about it. In fact, you have to most of the time. But with this in mind, you really can find specific ways where your humorous side can shine within the confines of your business. Info marketing can be serious, but there should be a fun AND funny side to it as well. Get out and find yours for your products.

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