Paul Maxey’s latest ‘Total Package’ article is titled “How to Prove Every Promise You Make”. [Copywriting Article]

Paul Maxey’s latest ‘Total Package’ article:

How to Prove Every Promise You Make

Dear Business-Builder,

Did you put enough proof in your last promotion?

Iӭ willing to bet the answer is no. After all, belief is the key ingredient nearly every marketer underestimates. So much so that Clayton counts Ԭack of proofԠamong the 7 most common squib moves.

Thatӳ because many copywriters and marketers mistakenly believe that benefits and promises are the most essential elements in a promotion. They consider proof only as a mere afterthought.

So what do ԁԭlist writers do differently? Glad you asked!

At a bare minimum, youӬl find the following six elements in every ad or sales letter they write:

Strong Բeasons whyԺ Reasons why your product is different Šwhy youӬl deliver the benefits you promise Šand why your prospect should act now.

Specificity: Make sure every claim, reference and statement that you make is as specific as possible.

Logical foundation: The logical if ԁԠthen ԂԠthen ԃԠargument that runs through your copy.

Examples and documentation: The immediate backup of every claim or promise you make with examples and facts.

World-class guarantee: Proof that you stand behind your product and will deliver on your promises.

Compelling testimonials: What your real customers are saying about you and your product.

Include these six elements in every promotion you write and you canӴ help but increase your credibility and profitability.

One of the most successful copywriters when it comes to building a solid foundation of proof is Jim Rutz. And this weekӳ Swipe of the Week is one of my personal favorites.

Heck, the headline alone is a classic!

So download it now and study it intently to see what direct response secrets you can pick up from this veteran copywriter ō

Then use them in your next promotion to explode sales and profits!

Until next time ō

Yours for greater profits,

Paul Maxey

Makepeace-Trained Copywriter


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