Michael Newman’s latest ‘e-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “The Upside of Down”. [‘e-Wealth Daily’ Article]

Michael Newman’s latest ‘e-Wealth Daily’ article:

The Upside of Down

Every day, we hear about more jobs being lost, another bailout program or how consumer spending is down. The word “recession” is being thrown around like a football on Sunday and there is a general feeling of fear and anxiety resonating in many small business owners.

Even though the news can sound bleak, it doesn’t mean you have to necessarily take it at face value. Remember, just because the economy may be down, it doesn’t mean people are going to stop buying. Everybody will buy certain things if they feel it’s necessary, and it’s your job as a business owner and salesperson to make sales. When you’re on the phone or the floor trying to sell your next product or service, remember that you’re not selling to the press releases and statistics coming out every day; you’re selling to people who need your service.

Of course, you might have to convince them a little bit more than usual of exactly how bad they need your service, so you might have to work a little bit harder. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however. After all, you’re trying to close a deal, so you should be excited about the opportunity to pull out all the stops and master your ability to sell. If you pride yourself on being a great salesperson, now is your time to shine.

If you let all the bad news get you down, it will actually hamper your ability to do your job. Do your best to ignore all negative news about the overall economy and stay focused on your job and the task at hand. Consumers haven’t disappeared. In fact, most Americans are still employed and need to spend the money they earn. Offer them the best you’ve got, keep positive and let your sales skills guide you through the future.

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