Web Digest for Marketers is having a webinar on Thursday, November 13 at 2 pm ET. The topic of the teleseminar is “Forrester Webinar: Evolution After Sales Force Automation.” [Webinar]

Webinar Details

Key Persons: Laura Ramos, Mike Pilcher, Eric Rogge

Topic: “Forrester Webinar: Evolution After Sales Force Automation”

Day/Date: Thursday, November 13

Time: 2.00 pm ET – Time Zone Converter

Webinar Focus:

– Why the consultative sales process must evolve

– Why Marketing risks becoming obsolete

– Why an approach that helps Marketing develop better qualified leads for Sales is the answer

– How to combine Sales and Marketing into one “ProSultative Process”

– How to invest in new marketing platforms to increase qualified leads

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‘Forrester Webinar: Evolution After Sales Force Automation’ Webinar

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