Michael Campbell has released the latest issue of ‘Internet Marketing Secrets’ # 141. The featured article is titled “SEO Best Practices Podcast”. [Newsletter]

Michael Campbell has released the latest issue of:

Internet Marketing Secrets

SEO Best Practices Podcast

This is a search engine optimization (SEO) best practices guide with host Michael Campbell and SEO Specialist Mike Marshall.

Discover which optimization strategies that you should and should not do. What can get you banned. And how to get top search engine rankings, while playing within the rules and regulations of the webmaster guidelines.

You’ll also discover why chasing search engine algorithms is a waste of time. The most important optimization strategies for on-page factors. Plus link baiting, blogging, favorite methods for generating links and some of the biggest SEO mistakes and how to avoid them yourself.


Get Backlinks in 30 Minutes

How would you like to get top search engine rankings and thousands of visitors with a brand new domain name that’s never been indexed before? It’s not some cheesy reciprocal linking scheme and doesn’t involve any gray hat tactics.

I heard about this one from my good friend Jim Morris over at Nichebot. He was quite excited about it because it’s simple and it really works.

It involves making your own software and uploading it to the software directories. Now before you plug your ears and run to the next topic, you don’t need any technical expertise to make this work. And you don’t need to hire a programmer.

I had to see it to believe it. So I asked the author Michelle MacPhearson, to set me up a comp account so I could go poke at it and see for myself. I tried it out and am convinced…

If you can point and click that’s all it takes. You simply fill out a form using your web browser,
selecting from mulitple choice options, and create your own software in as little as 30 minutes using online tools and freely available components.

I’m adding this strategy into my marketing mix. Not only is it drop dead simple to do, it would be silly NOT to do it, considering how many instant one-way backlinks it can bring in.

Get 30 Minute Backlinks: http://www.cdzn.com/30

30 minute backlinks by Michelle MacPhearson is simply brilliant. It’s search engine friendly. Totally white hat. And it’s one of the best linking strategies that I’ve seen in a long time.

Google Trends Website Data

Two years ago, Google Trends would let you enter keywords separated by commas and it would fill in the blanks. Fun but not very useful.

A year ago they added Hot Trends so you could see what people were searching for in near real time. Which made it a little more useful for market research.


Now they’ve added a new layer that displays website data.



What’s really cool, is that you can enter an url (domainname.com) into the tool below and click on the search button:


In the results that get displayed, click on the little “Websites” link under the Google Trends logo.

Using this tool you can gather a lot of competitive intelligence about the site. You can breakout the traffic by region, discover the other sites their visitors looked at, and what other keywords their audience searched for. Very handy for market research, keyword gathering and spying on the competition.

Video Trigger Players

This product consists of three separate video players that create trigger points, or hotspots on your web pages. And why is that a good thing? Because it boosts response by making your site interactive.

While a video is playing of your talking head, beside you can appear website content like illustrations that show what you’re talking about. You could offer bonuses, create clickable links, and make all sorts of content appear and disappear while you’re talking.

Better yet, click over and let Josh explain it to you in less than two minutes. You’ll see immediate benefits on how you could apply this to any website.

Boost Your Response: http://www.cdzn.com/vtp

Keyword Results Analyzer Pro

Keyword Results Analyzer is Dr. Andy Williams’ best selling product. It allows you to dig deep within keyword data to discover long tail keywords, phrases and markets related to your primary keywords.

The Pro version digs deeper to find niches inside of niches. It uses LSI (latent semantic indexing) tools to determine the exact meaning of competing pages much the same way as some search engines do.

Now LSI may seem a bit scary, but it really boils down to the theme of the page. What it’s really about.

Are all the ancillary and supporting words found. What kind of keyword pairs occur and what are the proximity of the keywords to each other. All these details and a lot more come into play with LSI or themes.

What’s great about KRA Pro, is that it analyses the top scoring pages to find out how they are themed.

And this is important because it’s not generalities that you’re after. You need to know what your competition is doing in any given keyword category.

Why? Because search is topic sensitive. It’s come a long way in the past few years. That’s why KRA Pro is more important than ever. The search engines keep getting smarter and so do the tools that we need to analyze our competition. So if keyword analysis is important to your or your company, you need this tool.

Professional Keyword Analysis: http://www.cdzn.com/krp

(When you go to order it, Paypal defaults to Spanish, because Dr. Williams lives on a small island that’s technically the property of Spain. So just follow Andy’s instructions for selecting your country and the order form will switch to English.)

10 Cool Tools and Super Tips

The following is just a quick excerpt of tools, tips and information that I’ve found useful. I didn’t have time to write about all of them, but they were too valuable to leave out…

1 – Open Source Screen Recorder

Some people swear by Camtasia, some people swear at it. 😉 If you’re one of the latter, or if cost is a factor, consider getting this open source screen recorder for Windows.

CamStudio: http://www.camstudio.org

(Mac users, if you’re still using Snapz Pro, be sure to have a look at Screenflow. It’s an amazing screen capture system.)

2 – Adobe ConnectNow

Acrobat.com has recently added Adobe ConnectNow for web conferencing. You can meet live over the web and share your screen with anyone.

I tried it and it worked well. The really cool part is taking remote control of your client’s mouse and doing show and tell, even though they may be hundreds of miles away.

ConnectNow: http://www.adobe.com/acom/connectnow/

3 – Sculpting PageRank

I’ll often aim my PageRank away from the “contact us” and similar pages on smaller sites using the nofollow tag. But is it a wise idea, especially for larger sites? Adam Audette has written a blog post examining the whole PageRank sculpting thing, arguing against it.

PR Sculpt: http://www.audettemedia.com/blog/arguments-against-nofollow

4 – Creating Documentation

ScreenSteps is for creating documentation, or more specifically, for people who don’t want to create documentation, but they have to, because it’s part of their job. Here’s something that takes the drudgery out of creating visual learning aids, making them fun and easy to do. It works on Mac or Windows and only takes a few minutes to master the software.

ScreenSteps: http://www.screensteps.com

5 – How Skype Works

Is your computer slowing down? Is Internet Explorer grinding to a halt? Is your computer turning into a zombie? If so, it might be Skype that’s causing the problem. Here’s some background info on how Skype works, from the wonderful Technology Evangelist blog.

TE Blog: http://www.technologyevangelist.com/2008/05/a_bit_about_how_skyp.html

6 – Create Slideshows without Software

280 Slides allows you to create and share presentations online. You don’t need any special
software. And when you’re done making your presentation, you can share it any way you like.

280 Slides: http://www.280slides.com

7 – Twitter Autoresponder

This service allows you to automatically follow someone when they follow you on Twitter. You can also send future dated tweets or simple little thank you notes to your new followers.

TweetLater: http://www.tweetlater.com

8 – Git Repository Hosting

Git Hub is for software programmers. It’s a hosting service for collaborative development that allows you to participate in the project and monitor it with ease. It includes news feeds, a source code browser and public developer profiles.

GitHub: http://www.github.com

9 – Increase Leads by 86%

Want to increase leads coming into the sales funnel by 86%? It’s an innovative way to improve the number of leads in the pipeline. Hint: It’s the landing page and most marketers are doing it all wrong.

Leads: http://www.writingwhitepapers.com/blog/2008/06/26/marketing-experiment/

10 – Google SEO Documentation

According to Matt Cutts’ blog, “Google added a bunch of nice documentation in various places.” We’re talking their official position on robots.txt, IP delivery and cloaking, nofollow, doorway pages and new quality guidelines. If you’d like to stay on the nice side of mighty Google, this post is an essential read.

SEO Docs: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/improved-seo-documentation-galore/

And if you’d like to know how they use their search engine data to fight spam, you’ll find this an
interesting read as well.

Spam Docs: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/06/using-data-to-fight-webspam.html

Michael Campbell


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