Rick and Ron Davies have released the latest issue of ‘1st Promotion’ newsletter. The latest feature is titled “The Power Of Pro2 Revealed! PowerTip #4”. [Newsletter]

Rick and Ron Davies’ latest issue of ‘1st Promotion’ newsletter:


The Power Of Pro2 Revealed! PowerTip #4

Pro2 is the ultimate ClickBank niche marketing machine and is perfect for laser-targeting your marketing efforts.

With thousands of possible pages of products for you to promote you are really only limited by your imagination for whatever niche you would like to promote.

By laser-targeting your audience, you are increasing the probability of that visitor actually purchasing from your storefront. I have personally experienced as high as a 1:12 sales ratio.

Niche marketing = money, so 1stPromotion helps it’s members make money by giving each member 11 niche market webpages at no extra cost!

These urls include:

Online Gaming


Dating And Relationships




Marketing & Promotion

Health & Wellness and more!

All of these pages have each member’s ClickBank, Amazon and Google AdSense identities integrated right into each page bringing you even more possible avenues of income.

If you don’t own a 1stPromotion membership yet, what’s stopping you?

You can get all of the details on 1stPromotion right now by clicking on this link: http://www.clickbank.com/sell_products.html

Until next time, I wish you

Health, Happiness & Prosperity

Rick W Davies


Rick & Ron Davies

Rick Davies and his brother Ron, own and operate several work-at-home websites and affiliate products including www.1stPromotion.com and www.ProfitMart.com Both of the brothers are full-time work-at-home dads For more information on this and other articles, please contact the author at Rick [AT] 1stPromotion [DOT] com or visit the sites above.

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