Justin Koh has released the latest issue of ‘Internet Business Breakthrough Newsletter’. The featured article is titled “Destroy Your Order Button”. [IBBI Newsletter]

Justin Koh has released the latest issue of ‘Internet Business Breakthrough Newsletter’.

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Internet Business Breakthrough Newsletter #1

Sunday, September 30, 2007

In this 1st issue, we explore whether you should replace your order button with a phone calling system as mentioned by the legendary Gary Halbert.

Plus, a couple of resources that helps you to do things faster and smarter in your online business.

Table of Contents 1. Destroy Your Order Button! 2. Start Building your List for Free 3. Are you Sick and Tired of Submitting your Video by Hand? 4. New Tool that Convert more Visitor into Customer

1. Destroy Your Order Button!

“Destroy Your Order Button” – That’s the topic title of a popular marketing forum lately.

In the hot debate, the late Gary Halbert mentioned that you ought to replace your order button at your website with a phone calling system as it will boost your conversions many times.

This controversial topic caused a stir on the forum with different thoughts on the matter.

Those who opt for the phone calling system explains

– People like to phone in to get live answers

– People are already conditioned to order over the phone thanks to infomercials, display ads, etc.

– Majority of the people are not comfortable using their credit card to order online because they do not know where their information will end up.

As for those who prefer the order button over the phone calling system, they added that

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