Paul Galloway is giving away a ‘Tell a Friend’ script called TAFPro for free. Galloway says, “Why Would Anyone Pay $97.00 For ‘Viral Friend Generator’ When TAFPro Has More Features And It’s FREE?” [Free Software]


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TAFPro sales letter title:

“Why Would Anyone Pay $97.00 For ‘Viral Friend Generator’ When TAFPro Has More Features And It’s FREE?”

“Warning: Mike may not know this, but one “feature” of VFG could actually get your autoresponder list suspended!”

Features and Benefits

The sales letter has listed the features and benefits of TAFPro .

Paul says, “Let’s compare the BASIC TAFPro software to VFG!

(Keep in mind I can only judge “Viral Friend Generator’s” features by the tutorial video Mike created. I will correct any inaccurate information as I am informed of it…)


Feature VFG TAFPro
Total Automation of the Reward and Delivery Process
Access/Manage/Track all campaigns from one central location
Referral Reward Held Hostage (Details…)VFG has the ability to hold the referral reward until a referred “friend” goes and refers his own friends. This is a feature the BASIC version of TAFPro doesn’t have (it could be done with the Advanced version if you wanted).

But I don’t know how many people would really use this feature. In fact, in his training video Mike stated he probably won’t use it himself!


“I myself would most likely not ever use this…” — Mike Filsaime

Integrated contest features (huge!) (Details…)TAFPro allows you to have “contests” where you can reward the person with the most referrals, or the person who gets the most VISITS from their referrals.

Or you can have it pick a winner from a random drawing of everyone who sent a referral

OR you can require a “correct” answer as part of the contest and pick the “first” person who submits the correct answer or do a random selection from everyone who submitted the correct answer.

You can ALSO allow people to “share the wealth” — when you select a winner, you can find out who referred them to the site, and give THAT person a prize too — that’s a powerful way to motivate people to refer their friends!

As part of the contest features, you can have a real-time updated list of who has sent the most referrals — and this gets the “competitors” to refer more people!


Unlimited Data Fields (Details…)Unlimited data fields — in addition to the “sender” and “friend” name/email fields, you can have any number of other data fields on your Tell-a-Friend form. So you can collect additional data from the sender.

Note: this data is stored on your server, and can be sent in an email if you desire. And you can download this data in CSV format for use with Excel or other data programs.


General Form Processing (Details…)Coupled with the “unlimited data fields” feature, this is so powerful because it allows you to use TAFPro to setup “Contact” forms, “Feedback” forms, “Survey” forms, Registrations, Applications, even ORDER forms (yes, I have clients who use TAFPro for order processing — they process the credit cards manually)


Data Merging After Submit (Details…)With TAFPro, any data you include on the input form can be inserted anywhere you want in the outgoing email(s). You can also setup a “template” page to be displayed after the form is submitted, and you can insert form data anywhere you want on that page.

This allows you to (among other things) daisy-chain forms — so the “thank you” page after someone submits one form can be another input form if you wish (this is what allows us to have a pre-populated, hidden Aweber form on the thank-you page).


Multiple emails in same campaign (Details…)If you want, you could have a radio button on your form which controls the email that will be sent out to the “friends” and/or to the person submitting the form.


HTML Email Capability (Details…)With TAFPro you can specify custom header fields in the outgoing emails, which allows you to send an HTML formatted email if you wish.


Stay-on-Page Option (Details…)You may not want the user to be taken to a different page when they submit the form. No problem — TAFPro allows you to send the data and have the user’s browser stay right on the same page.


Stable Running for 3 Years (Details…)Look, I’m sure Mike’s programmers are very talented folks, but I’ve got more than 3 years head start on them! Software bugs are a fact of life, and they take time to find and fix. Do you want to be Mike’s guinea pig?

TAFPro is currently being used by some of the most prolific internet marketers out there, including Tellman Knudson, Mark Joyner, Stephen Pierce, Yanik Silver, Dan Kennedy (sorry Dan, I know you don’t want to be put in the “internet marketer” class), Dave Frey, James Martell, and many more. It’s BATTLE-TESTED and PROVEN.

I mean really, why take a chance on software that’s so new it’s still sucking on a pacifier?


URL Codes (Details…)This allows you to change the “thank you” page location or “referral” page location across all your forms sharing a given URL code just by changing the corresponding URL.

So if you have 20 forms all pointed to the same thank-you page, and you want to change that URL, you can change it in just one place instead of editing all 20 forms!


Dynamic URLs (Details…)This allows the “thank you” page or “referral page” (that the friend’s get sent to) to change depending on the form input. This would be very useful if you have an affiliate program.


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