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But There Aren’t Enough Article Topics to Reach My Target Market

Recently a subscriber asked me about how she could continue to publish articles on her website if there weren’t enough topics to write about. Here’s her question:

“Alice, you talk about adding articles to your websites on a frequent basis and I understand the benefits like search engine rankings and so forth. However, I cannot come up with enough topics to sell my product. There just aren’t that many things to write about.”

And here’s my answer:

When you started Internet Marketing, you were probably told to be specific about your target market and define whom you’re marketing to. That was great advice. If you sell a product, you want to market it to a specific target market.

Let’s say you sell a product that shows parents how to potty train their child. Your target market for your product is parents of toddlers who are trying to potty train their child. You can help promote your product by publishing potty training articles to draw in highly-targeted prospects for your highly-targeted product.

But there’s a problem – that’s a very narrow window to grasp the right prospect for your product. You have to reach them right when they are ready to potty train their child and convince them to buy your product.

Why limit yourself like this?

Article marketing is an inexpensive venture and can dramatically increase your pool of leads. It can even help you increase your bottom line by adding new streams of income. If you sell a potty training product and you want to market with content – go WIDER. For the purposes of article marketing, you have the wider market of parents and there is NO shortage of article topics to reach parents. Parents need help with their kids, no matter what age they are. And a funny thing happens with parents – they often have more kids and know other people with kids. So, if you can start targeting parents in general with your wide variety of articles you can do the following:

– Build your mailing lists

– Gain the trust of your prospects and sell them your product when the timing is right for them.

– Sell other relevant products through affiliate programs

– Add extra income by using content-targeted ads like Google Adsense.

So, please.if you think there is a shortage of topics you can write up, just start to think matter what product you sell.

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