ForeSee Results and FGI Research have released – the Top 40 Online Retail Satisfaction Index. Customers satisfied with the online surfing experience are 36% more likely to return to the site and buy online, according to the study.

ForeSee Results and FGI Research have released – the Top 40 Online Retail Satisfaction Index. The study has focussed on customer’s online experience of eretail websites and have found that the likelihood to purchase online is 36 percent higher for those retailers who topped in satisfying their customers.

According to the report, the study has taken into account, “Why people are satisfied and what makes them satisfied is far more valuable to know than simply whether or not they are satisfied”.

Key Findings of the study include:

By improving customer’s online shopping experience, the number of sales can be increased.

Customer satisfaction does not entirely depend on competitive pricing of the products. “Various elements of the “site experience” are the key determinant of satisfaction, loyalty, and future behaviors (like the likelihood to return, recommend, and buy)”.

The more satisfied the customers are in their online experience of browsing the site, the more likely they are to return and buy the products.

The study has offered a suggestion to eretail websites:

“DonÂ’t waste time and money driving people to your website if you havenÂ’t maximized the browser experience”.

The leaders identified as top scorers in customer satisfaction are:,,,,

ForeSee Results collected data from 11,000 respondents between March and April of 2005 who had visited the top 40 online retail sites within the last two weeks, but did not necessarily make a purchase.

The full report is available at a fee (not specified).

To read the partial summary of findings (12 pages) source.

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