Reprise Media executives have analyzed the impact of Google Search and said that Google has improved purchase making process of Retail business.

Joshua Stylman & Peter Hershberg, executives of Reprise Media, have described the impact of Google and its search features on the retail business.

They have said, “Google has also transformed the world of business by connecting sellers with interested buyers at a critical point in the purchase-making process.

The traditional rules of business have been radically altered for a number of industries and nowhere has this been more apparent than retail”. [source]

Their report mentions that Google has become “an indispensable resource for those seeking fast, accurate answers” with eight-billion web pages indexed and two-billion unique users per month.

Their article is in two parts, titled, “The Googlization of Business” and it analyzes Google’s impact on the retail industry.

The main changes brought about by Google according to the executives include:

Traditional and online retail parallels: Google has given greater visibility to small and medium sized marketers and has enabled them to compete with big retailers like eBay and Amazon. They do not need a hefty promotion budget to do this.

Marketing and merchandising: Many retailers have been able to get more with less expenditure by adjusting their marketing and merchandising models to suit the facilities offered by Google.

Not just the medium, but the message: They have adopted a more promotional and price oriented strategy instead of relying on branding alone.

The report also says that the new shopper is empowered by the information available on Google Search but at times is overwhelmed and confused with too much information.

The report concludes by saying, retail markets are innovating along the lines of Google to succeed in their efforts to reach the customers.

To read the first part of the report, “The Googlization of Business”, click here.

To read the second part of the report click here.





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