Google, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger rank highest in a customer satisfaction study. Some of their preferred features are: functionality, ease of use, performance, reliability and security.

Google ranks highest as a search engine receiving top ratings from users in all three customer satisfaction factors: functionality, ease of use and results, according to J. D. Power study.

The study finds that 43% prefer Google Search. Counting users with high-speed Internet connections, this percentage increases to 53%.

Web mail accounts like the ones provided by Yahoo and Google are preferred by 43% of email users according to the study. For example, someone who uses these webmail services would have email ids like [email protected] or [email protected]

About 57% of the respondents prefer to use the mail id provided by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). For example, if someone uses AOL’s internet service, they would have their email id as [email protected]

J.D. Power and Associates’ “2005 Residential Online Service Customer Satisfaction Study”, has revealed that consumers spend three to six years with one webmail provider. About 73% have been with one webmail provider for three years and 35% for six years.

Jonathan Brookner, director of telecommunication research at J.D. Power and Associates, said, “E-mail addresses are emerging as the phone number of the new millennium, with Internet users increasingly valuing continuity in their e-mail contact information.

Since Web mail addresses typically stay with you regardless of who your Internet service provider is, users are maintaining their relationships with Web mail providers for long periods of time”. [source]

Other findings of the study are:

Yahoo! Mail ranks highest in customer satisfaction for ease of use, performance and reliability and features. The study finds that 91 percent of Web mail users saying they check for messages at least once a day.

Yahoo! Messenger ranks highest on the basis of security, performance and reliability and features. Thirty-five percent of IM users report sending and receiving messages on a daily basis, and only 6 percent say they “definitely” or “probably” would switch IM providers in the next six months.

The 2005 Residential Online Service Customer Satisfaction Study is based on responses from 6,313 residential customers of Internet service providers nationwide.

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