Prospectiv Consumer Preference Index poll has revealed that the demand for online coupons is high. About 96% clip or print coupons.

An increasing number of consumers look to the Internet for special offers and discounts for their favorite products and brands, according to results from a Prospectiv Consumer Preference Index (CPI) poll.

Out of the people polled 96% said they clip or print them and 51 percent said they redeem almost all coupons they gather. More than 62% print coupons at least once a week while 38% do it more frequently.

About 32 percent of coupon users said they would like to receive coupons online in the future and 21% would like to receive the coupons via email. CPI shows that number jumps to almost 55 percent if online offers were specifically tailored to consumer’s interests.

About 66% of consumers polled said they will use their online coupons for in-store purchases, 10% will use the coupons while shopping online and 23 percent will use for both in-store and online purchases.

Jere Doyle, president and CEO, Prospectiv, said, “Consumer brand marketers are constantly looking for new tools and strategies for connecting their brand or product with the right customers.

Leveraging online coupons can be one of the most effective methods for making that important connection that helps marketers, particularly in the Grocery, Health and Beauty and Retail industries, attract the right customers and keep them coming back”. [source]

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