Joel Comm has released Seminar Kit titled “Uncovering the Secrets of Google AdSense”.

Joel Comm has released a seminar kit titled, “Uncovering the Secrets of Google AdSense”. The kit comprises of two CDs and a binder featuring a complete transcript of the course.

The CDs feature Rick Butts, an internet marketing expert, interviewing Joel Comm.

The sales letter title: “Thousands of AdSense Secrets ebook readers are making… BIG MONEY! Joel Comm’s Google AdSense Secrets Ebook Has Been Read By More People Than Any Other Ebook On The Topic. That’s Thousands Of People Who Have Experienced A DRAMATIC INCREASE In Their AdSense Income!”

The sales letter says: “Now you can capture more of Joel’s insightful teachings in a Limited Edition Two-Hour Course titled Uncovering the Secrets of Google AdSense. This special seminar kit features Joel Comm (Dr. AdSense) as he is grilled by Internet Marketing Expert, Rick Butts (of Blog and Ping fame!)”.

The prize of the seminar kit is $57 plus shipping and handling for the first 250 sets ordered and Joel says that the prize is soon to go up.

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