PubSub has launched LinkRanks that offers a rank and a percentile to each site depending on the incoming links.

PubSub has announced a new tool for ranking sites. “LinkRanks are our way of measuring the strength, persistence, and vitality of links appearing in sites that syndicate their content. When PubSub reads an entry from a syndication feed, it takes note of any URLs (technically, URIs) it sees. PubSub users can then utilize this link data when creating subscriptions to better express what they’re looking for”.

PubSub monitors millions of feeds and evaluates the site’s relevance just from the number of incoming links it has. The new tool LinkRank goes one step further and calculates a score for each linking site.

The sites are first ranked and then they are divided into percentiles. The sites which have not published in the last 30 days will not have a LinkRank. similarly the percentile of the site will depend on the type of sites linking to it.

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