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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
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Archive for the ‘ Personalized Marketing ’ Category

Achieving social media success through personalization

Social media marketing is an unavoidable set of tool that helps you enhance your business presence. But to reach out more people closely you need to personally stay in touch with them. Buffer contributor Ash Read has shared some useful tips on achieving social media marketing success with personalization. Read says, “Social media marketers are […]

Five tips to deliver a personalized marketing experience

Personalization plays an important role in marketing. It leads you to better connect with the consumers and get desired results. Marketing Land contributor Robin Kurzer has shared five tips to help marketers build a personalized marketing experience. Kurzer says, “A majority of consumers — 75 percent — said they find personalized brand experiences at least […]

Econsultancy shares 12 stats that justify need for personalisation

Personalisation is an important aspect of marketing that leads to customer satisfaction by the way of crafting personalized marketing messages. Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland ha shared twelve statistics that prove the importance of personalisation. Gilliland says, “A recent study by Pure360 suggests that many brands are still relying on basic forms of personalisation, and failing to engage […]

Seven personalisation facts you should know

Personalization helps you improve the customers response and boosts your marketing revenue. You can personalize your marketing efforts in all the forms you might be using. Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared seven useful facts about the importance of personalization in marketing. Gilliland says, “Pure360’s research suggests that that basic personalisation fails to engage consumers in any real […]

Here’s how to make personalisation intelligent

Personalisation is the key to achieving more customers and gaining their trust. Intelligent personalisation enables brands to send across irresistible offers in a personalized manner. Econsultancy contributor Cara Wilson has shared seven principles of intelligent personalisation. Wilson says, “Personalisation is an investment in creating better customer experiences. Keeping this at the forefront of activity will ensure brands are […]

Personalisation; Beyond a Name [Whitepaper]

Eagle Eye, a SaaS technology company, has published a free whitepaper titled “Personalisation; Beyond a Name”. It is intended to help marketers create connected customer experiences. About the whitepaper: It’s no secret that we are all individuals with different thoughts, interests, habits and preferences. While our diverse make-up keeps things interesting, it poses a real […]

Check out these personalised ad campaigns to imprve your advertising

Giving a personal touch matters a lot in marketing and advertising. It helps you connect with the customers and communicate your message effectively. Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared three effective personalized ad campaigns from Argos, 20th Century Fox & Microsoft. Gilliland says, “We’re used to seeing elements of personalisation in brand communication. An email saying […]

5 Tips to develop your site’s personalization strategy

An effective personalization strategy for your website can make your visitor’s experience more enriching and rewarding. Econsultancy writer Richard Jones has shared five tips to build an effective personalization strategy. Jones says, “Personalisation allows content publishers to create compelling, relevant online experiences that keep audiences on their owned channels for longer. Here I explore the […]

Benefits of personalization in B2B eCommerce

Personalization helps marketers provide a customized shopping experience based on their interests, buying behavior, demographics and psychographics. In B2B eCommerce too, personalization is the way marketers can influence and persuade more buyers and get more ROI from their business. writer John Barnett has shared eight benefits of web personalization for business owners in e-commerce. Barnett […]

‘Leveraging Your Data for Better Personalization’ Webinar 10.00 am PT

Kissmetrics is hosting a webinar on ‘Leveraging Your Data for Better Personalization’ on Thursday, July 27 at 10.00 am PT. The webinar attendees will learn how to leverage first-party and third-party data to create diversified segments of high-intent users. Webinar Speaker Jonathan Koo, Digital Marketing Manager, AdRoll Thue Madsen, Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics The Kissmetrics team […]