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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Marketing Tips ’ Category

‘Seeing is Believing: How to Use Web Videos to Improve Your Bottom Line’ – ‘’ Blog

Greg Ball says, “When it comes down to it, most of your business expenses should help improve your company’s profitability. When you spend, it’s wise to ask yourself, “how does this move the needle?” Years ago when I was managing Burger Kings’ worldwide video operation, the philosophy at the time was that with every expenditure, I needed to show how it would sell more hamburgers. With the majority of businesses having tight budgets today, paying for web videos should only happen when these videos have the potential to moves their needles in the right direction. There are several... (Read More ...)

‘Social Media Marketing: Pinterest for Business 101′ – Shopify

Lucas Santo says, “On Pinterest – the social platform built on beautiful, shareable imagery – opportunities for shopping come cleverly disguised as outfit inspiration, smoothie recipes and DIY centrepieces. For consumers, it’s a place to hunt and gather. For brands, it’s a goldmine. Consider this: we analyzed data from over 529, 000 Shopify store orders to find that Pinterest was the second largest social source for traffic and resulting visits had the third highest average order value. Also, according to research done by Piqora, sales and traffic from Pins can occur long after the... (Read More ...)

‘Email Etiquette: Do Consumers Like Humor and Informality?’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ayaz Nanji says, “Do consumers like humor in marketing emails? Do they prefer formal or informal language? Is it acceptable to include the occasional “LOL” and “BTW”? BuzzStream and Fractl recently set out to answer such questions by surveying 1,200 people between the age of 18 and 64 about out their email etiquette preferences. The researchers segmented the findings by gender, age, and level of education to see how demographic factors influence preferences. Below, key findings from the report. Formality and Vocabulary Respondents say an email written in a formal... (Read More ...)

‘Eliminate Fraudulent Ad Impressions’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Derel S. says, “Security is one of the most daunting challenges for businesses today. Maxifier, a provider of performance optimization for premium publishers and media buyers, has introduced a new detection solution to identify fraudulent ad inventory. Part of its buy-side optimization platform – ADMAX TRADE, Maxifier’s new solution analyzes campaign data to identify any performance anomalies signifying the likelihood of fraud across multiple levels including placements, sellers and publishers. Advertisers will be able to leverage the new detection solution to generate reports that... (Read More ...)

‘Tomorrow Is Mobilegeddon: What You Need To Know Today About Google’s Mobile Friendly Update’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Greg Sterling says, “Whether you call it Mobilegeddon, Mopocalypse or something else, Google’s mobile-friendly update arrives tomorrow. The update will be significant and potentially impact a large number of websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Remarkably, some estimates suggest that as much as 40 percent of the top sites aren’t mobile friendly today. The best and fastest way to tell if you’re site is ready is to use Google’s mobile friendly testing tool. Barry Schwartz has written a comprehensive Mobilegeddon FAQ post on Search Engine Land that answers almost every question... (Read More ...)

‘Is there a Facebook ad bubble?’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Patricio Robles says, “Despite the fact that it’s a mature tech giant and not a scrappy little startup, Facebook revenues continue to grow at a blistering clip. This not only suggests that Facebook has not only come a long way in figuring out its ad model but that advertisers are liking the results they’re seeing. But not all advertisers are happy, and one is suggesting that Facebook’s ad boom is really a huge bubble. In a guest post on TechCrunch, Morgan Hermand-Waiche, founder and CEO of online lingerie startup Adore Me, explains why he’s trying to move eight figures... (Read More ...)

‘The attitude adjustment that leads to entreprenurial success’ – ‘Mashable’

Quora team says, “What are some of the habits entrepreneurs have that other people don’t? Answer below by Quora user Oliver Emberton, founder of Silktide. Most people spend their money to get the most utility — fun, food, whatever. Entrepreneurs spend their money to make the most money. This one habit pretty much accounts for everything, and it’s a big reason why the rich get richer, and the poor stay poor”. The attitude adjustment that leads to entreprenurial success Mashable  (Read More ...)

‘Google Told Me I’m Pregnant: From Strings to Diagnosis’ – MOZ Blog

Craig Bradford says, “In the near future, I think Google Now could tell you are pregnant or diagnose you with a medical condition before your doctor ever could. Humans are great at recognising patterns but only if we know we are creating them or where to look. Remember the Target story of how they knew a young girl was pregnant before she or her father did? Increases in technology like smart watches and the trend of “the quantified self” mean messages like being told you are pregnant aren’t impossible in the near future. So how do we go from weather reports and traffic... (Read More ...)

‘How to Choose Keywords in a Way That Makes Sense: 5 Easy Steps’ – ‘Affilorama’ Blog

Gina Broom says, “Now that I’ve told you to forget keywords just a few weeks ago, and I’ve given you time to mull that over, it’s time to revisit them. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out the blog post here. It’ll make a lot of the following information a lot more straightforward. Yes, a unified content front is the most important thing, and yes there are many other ways of getting your content in front of your audience other than plain ol’ SEO. But if you want to get traffic from”. How to Choose Keywords in a Way That Makes Sense: 5 Easy Steps Mark... (Read More ...)

‘3 Ways People-Powered Marketing Can Make Your Brand Stronger’ by Jay Baer

Baer says, “When people talk about thought leadership in business, it’s usually with some sort of public relations slant. The term itself has become a catchall that people often use to label a variety of promotional efforts—including strategic PR. And while thought leadership certainly has its place in that side of the house, it also can work really well as a marketing tool. In marketing, we focus much of our time around gaining exposure, attracting new customers, and providing resources to existing customers. Thought leadership (or people-powered marketing, as some like to call it) can... (Read More ...)