Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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The latest article on ‘Business 2 Community’ is titled “9 Ways to Generate Content Ideas”. Tara Alemany says, “One of the most common questions I’m asked by someone new to blogging is: But what will I write about? The short answer is that you should write about the things you know about and have experience with. Yet, even that answer can leave you scratching your head trying to come up with content ideas. So, here are just 9 of the ways that I jump-start my writing process. There are plenty more where these came from… 1. Responses to Daily Reading I don’t know about... (Read More ...)

The latest VerticalResponse blog post is titled “5 Wicked Awesome Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List”. Kim Stiglitz says, “You know you need to get the word out about your business in order to grow and to stay top of mind with customers. At VerticalResponse, we often get the question, “How do I build or get an email marketing list?” We’re also often asked if it’s okay to use a purchased, rented or scraped email list. If you’re just starting out, or trying to grow your list quickly, building an email marketing list organically may seem like a waste of time when... (Read More ...)

The latest article on ‘MarketingProfs’ is titled “Three Email Marketing Improvement Challenges for 2014”. Ayaz Nanji says, “Now that the first quarter of the year behind us, what will you do to maximize email marketing’s contribution to your bottom line from here on out? Improving email open and click-through rates is an ever-present task, but I encourage you to expand your focus beyond mere campaign-by-campaign process metrics and instead try program-level objectives on for size. Challenge yourself with the following three worthy email performance improvement objectives for the... (Read More ...)

The latest article on HubSpot blog is titled ”In a Sales Slump? Blog Your Way to Success”. Ali Powel says, “You do the same thing every day. Prospecting. Lead generation. Follow-up calls. Demo meetings. Sometimes the 9-to-5 gets daunting, repetitive, stale, or just plain old. So it’s time to mix it up. I see results from putting pen to paper, outside of hitting my sales quota. As a bonus, blogging helps me stay relevant in my career and gives me time to reflect and refine ideas I often convey to my prospects“. In a Sales Slump? Blog Your Way to Success HubSpot  (Read More ...)

The latest article on ‘Website Magazine’ is titled “Thin and Duplicate Content – A Great Way to Never Rank”. Travis Bliffen says, “If you are part of the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, your website and SEO tactics have to be top notch to compete in most niches. Previously overlooked issues with your site’s SEO can no longer be taken lightly and failing to take action now will result in a long and painful road ahead for your website. Instead of diving into the deep and technical issues, we are going to start with a top-level overview of three simple issues that... (Read More ...)

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “Twitter Acquires Data Startup Gnip”. Jason Abbruzzese says, “Twitter is acquiring social data analytics firm Gnip, a step that will give the microblogging service more control over the monetization of its data. The value of the deal was not immediately disclosed, but Gnip has raised $6.6 million in funding. Gnip was the first company to be authorized to resell Twitter’s historical data. Twitter and Gnip announced a partnership in 2010 that provided the “firehose” of data to clients, helping to generate revenue from... (Read More ...)

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “Facebook clamps down on like-baiting and other spam tactics”. Christopher Ratcliff says, “In a move that will both improve the user experience significantly for Facebook users and curtail a branded page’s reach even further, Facebook has explicitly revealed what it will be seeking to crack down upon within its new update. Facebook first ‘tweaked’ the algorithim in January this year, ensuring that content from the people that users engage with the most is prioritised, ensuring content from a ‘liked’ company’s... (Read More ...)

The latest MOZ blog post is titled “10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic”. Cyrus Shepard says, “This time, it’s about engaged traffic. While checking our stats here at Moz, we noticed that while visits sent to us from Facebook keep decreasing, traffic from Google+ has started to appear significant by comparison“. 10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic MOZ Blog  (Read More ...)

MarketingSherpa has released a case study titled “Email Marketing: Big ROI for simple B2B alerts”. Adam Sutton says, “Some products are in stock for only a limited time. When you know customers want the product but they have no idea it’s available, what’s a fast, cheap and powerful way to get them to buy? This B2B supplier of used goods sends a targeted alert message to customers when a product they want is in stock. The simple emails often generate more than $10,000 in a single send“. Email Marketing: Big ROI for simple B2B alerts MarketingSherpa  (Read More ...)

Gail Trahd’s latest ‘PLR Health Wizard’ blog post is titled “Do Businesses Shock the H.ll Out of You?”. Gail says, “People can still shock me. I’m more like Vivian from Pretty Woman than Edward Lewis, who wasn’t shocked by anything anymore. However, this new development at USA network has taught me a real marketing lesson in mediocrity and cookie cutter thinking”. Do Businesses Shock the H.ll Out of You? PLR Health Wizard Blog *This blog post was submitted by Gail Trahd.  (Read More ...)