Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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Ayaz Nanji says, “Social media was the most effective online paid channel for driving impressions, clicks, and conversions at a low cost in the second quarter of 2014, according to a recent report from Neustar. Social demonstrated the best cost efficiency of the four paid online channels examined (social, portals, networks, and exchanges), indexing 70% cheaper than the average cost for digital spend and showing a 32% decrease in cost quarter over quarter. The reduced pricing of social inventory in 2Q14 came thanks largely to the increased use of demand-side platforms (DSPs), which allow... (Read More ...)

Andy Franco says, “As a knowledgeable and methodical webmaster, you know that optimizing your website is a constant effort and that the World Wide Web is always evolving. You may have spent several hours adding and updating Meta and titles tags, keyword-rich content, H1 header tags on top of pages, quality web content, alt tags for photos, and even building inbound links. One thing you’ve certainly learned through all of this is that in order to rise and remain at the top of SERPs — all is never enough“. Back to SEO Basics: Why Relevant External Links Matter  (Read More ...)

Selena Larson says, “The massive iCloud hack that exposed photos of female actresses stored in their personal Apple accounts, has left many—including myself—scrambling to change their passwords. Some speculated that the hack was due to a vulnerability in Apple’s Find My iPhone feature, with which hackers used a “brute force” attack to guess the passwords on celebrities’ accounts, The Next Web reported. Apple has since denied those reports, instead claiming it was a “very targeted attack” on usernames, passwords, and security questions—the keys to nearly any online account”. How... (Read More ...)

Emma Snider says, “Much thought leadership is dedicated to the art of selling: pitching, presenting, closing, building trust, developing a relationship, and a myriad of other skills. But showing off these talents depends on getting on prospects’ calendars in the first place.That’s when active selling skills get put on ice, and reps have to flex their follow-up email or phone call muscles instead. Following up is an art in its own right. While persistence is a key component, messaging is perhaps even more critical. Prospects are bombarded with emails and other tasks competing for their... (Read More ...)

Daniel Burstein says, “Pricing is critical to ecommerce success. After all, customers can get a range of prices for the same or similar products in a matter of seconds. You have to walk a careful line. Make your products too expensive, and you lose sales. Set prices too low, and you lose margin. To help you gain a sense of how your peers in the industry handle this challenge, in this Marketing Research Chart, we’ll share gross margins at different company revenue levels“. Ecommerce Research Chart: Average gross margins for small, medium and large companies MarketingSherpa  (Read More ...)

Josh Haynam says, “On July 5, 2014, a food blog called Food52 shared a quiz on Twitter titled, “Which cake are you?” The quiz was built to raise awareness for several new cake recipes on the site, and the results of the quiz showed each quiz taker’s “cake type,” as well as a link to check out the recipe for said cake on Food52′s blog. By the end of the day on July 7, just three days later, the quiz had been viewed more than 20,000 times — it was a hit”. The Marketer’s Guide to Using Quizzes to Reach and Engage Your Audience ‘Copyblogger’ Blog  (Read More ...)

Shafqat Islam says, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? But in the world of content, there is. In this world, gone is the thinking from consumers that if something is free, it’s not going to be worth the paper it’s written on. In the UK, British Airways, M&S and Sports Direct are some of the brands that are surprising and delighting consumers by using good content to tap into their love of TV, fashion and adventure”. How killer content can move masses ‘Econsultancy’ Blog  (Read More ...)

David Mihm says, “Our engineering team has been hard at work on a number of behind-the-scenes improvements since the launch of Moz Local in March, but today marks our first major feature release–streamlined submission for individual listings and a killer duplicate-closure upgrade”. Moz Local Summer Updates MOZ Blog  (Read More ...)

Dan Newman says, “As leaders embrace the importance of culture and community in building a brand the focus and value of a brand is now shifted to the place it’s supposed to be, the people! The word “Social” in social business is the major change that leaders and brands must embrace which means a new focus must be made on improving who, how and why we communicate. Before we get into designing a culture that embraces this shift in communication and collaboration we must first understand the technology and innovation that are driving this change“. The Dotted Line Required for Social Business... (Read More ...)

HubSpot has released a new book called “How To Grow With Inbound Marketing”. Dharmesh Shah says, “A lot of things can change in five years. You could get a new haircut. You could move into a new house. You could start a new job. You could get a whole new set of friends (who then become old friends). You could watch your child, sibling, friend, or relative graduate high school, graduate college, and start their career. No matter what these last five years have held, you can likely look back and say, “Wow, a lot has changed.” Inbound marketing is no different. Five... (Read More ...)