Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Pete Prestipino says, “Social media is maturing – it’s no longer just for the millennials; the new “Social Buying Study” from IDC reveals that 75% of the business-to-business (B2B) buyers and 84% of C-level/vice president executives use social media to support their purchase decisions. IDC indicated that B2B buyers most active in using social media to support the buying process were more senior and had 84% bigger budgets, made 61% more purchase decisions, and had influence over a greater span of purchase decisions than those buyers who did not use social media to support... (Read More ...)

Lindsay Kolowich says, “A lot’s happened in the marketing world in the last few years. Social networks have gone even more mainstream, Vine’s become a thing,Twitter’s made analytics available for everyone, Google’s algorithm has changed (several times … no surprise there), and we’ve watched the prevalence of inbound marketing grow and grow. Although the fundamentals of inbound marketing haven’t changed, the tools companies use to get found online have. Where do these changes fit into your inbound marketing strategy? Where are the best places for... (Read More ...)

David Kirkpatrick says, “Lead generation is something that B2B marketers probably think about every day. The challenge is producing high-quality leads and getting the most for your lead gen buck. This case study explores a process developed by CloudEndure’s Vice President of Marketing and put into practice at the technology startup. The entire campaign includes a deep dive into prospects’ websites, a content piece based on that analysis and structured as a report, and finally, a personalized email, which not only achieved a 58% open rate, but also helped generate high-quality... (Read More ...)

Return Path team says, “Return Path today announced the results of their annual Inbox Placement Benchmark Report which found that one in every six email messages sent worldwide never reaches the subscriber’s inbox. Based on a sample of nearly 500 million messages from permissioned email marketers, the report found that 11% of all email messages went missing and another 6% were delivered to subscribers’ spam or junk folders. Consistent with last year’s findings, reaching the inbox remains a significant challenge for commercial senders. Return Path found that the relative constancy... (Read More ...)

Ayaz Nanji says, “To achieve good ranking positions in Google organic search results, publishers need to include high-quality content on pages rather than simply rely on traditional SEO tactics, according to a recent report from Searchmetrics. Pages that rank well tend to have a number of qualities in common, including comprehensive coverage of topics, easy-to-understand language, more images and videos, and larger word counts, according to the analysis of US organic search results for 10,000 keywords and 300,000 websites. However, big brand websites still rank in top positions... (Read More ...)

Mick Hollison says, “What in the world is data science? And why should you care? Data science – and predictive analytics, in particular – is moving the goalposts for salespeople and marketers alike. In fact, it’s moving the entire stadium. Predictive analytics is the foundational discipline that can make marketing more effective and targeted, and your salespeople better informed and more precise in their messaging. Predictive analytics leverages a variety of techniques, including statistical analysis, modeling, machine learning, and data mining, to enable us to predict the future“. How... (Read More ...)

Dharmesh Shah says, “Years ago, when Brian and I started HubSpot, we were on a singular mission. We wanted to help companies get off of the sidelines and into the game. The internet had changed everything, and too many businesses were missing out on the massive potential this created. The way we saw it, eight years ago, was that the problem companies had was not a lack of great marketing tools. There were many. The challenge was that pulling them together was a daunting task, and many companies just didn’t have the time or resources”. Getting Exceptional Growth: Meet the New... (Read More ...)

This is a reminder for the eMarketer’s Holiday Shopping 2014 webinar on September 18. eMarketer team says, “The webinar will address these key questions: How much will holiday ecommerce and overall sales grow? Is mobile eclipsing desktop in ecommerce? Are beacons and visual search ready for primetime? Will supply chain troubles plague retailers again this year?”. Webinar Details Organizer:  eMarketer Key Speaker: Yori Wurmser Topic: Holiday Shopping 2014—Online Trends and Forecast Day/Date: Thursday, September 18 Time: 1.00 pm ET – Time Zone Converter Register for... (Read More ...)

Erica McGillivray says, “A lot of my life’s work has been focused on increasing the visibility of women and other minorities in male-dominated professional fields. I’m not here to give you an intersectional Feminism 101 lesson or explain to you that institutional sexism is indeed alive and systemically present in online marketing. Instead, in the spirit of the Moz blog, I want to give you tips and tricks to make our corner of the world more welcoming to women. Several of these tips can also easily be adjusted and applied to other groups of marginalized people. Some can really just... (Read More ...)

Christopher Ratcliff says, “In this post I take a term that you’re all probably well aware of and try to enlighten myself, and hopefully the few of you who are just as baffled as me, on its actual meaning. As I dive deeper and deeper into the world of digital marketing even more words and phrases float up to reveal themselves, particularly ones that perhaps are more on the business end of the spectrum. Last week I shot my investigative glare towards Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Single Customer View (SCV)”. What is marketing attribution and why do you need it? ‘Econsultancy’... (Read More ...)