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Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Marketing Tips ’ Category

‘14 Email Essentials to Ensure Success’ – VerticalResponse Blog

Lisa Furgison says, “When you create an email for your business you want to get results, and we want you to help ensure that success. Use this handy 14-point email marketing checklist to cover your bases before you hit send. 1. Check the ‘from’ label Most often, you want your email to come from a company email account (or who the recipient has the relationship with). Your business name should be in the ‘from’ label, as well as the email address so your recipient can quickly identify whom the email is from. 2. Review your subject line Is your subject line short and to the point? According... (Read More ...)

‘The 5 Qualities That Make an Image Shareable’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Mitch Meyerson says, “Your online images are more likely to attract your visitors’ attention and get them to take action if they accomplish one or more of these five goals: 1. It’s original. Have you ever noticed how we’ll gloss over an image that we’ve seen previously online but stop dead at a new graphic or photo like it’s a piece of hot gossip? We love things that are new, shiny, or different, and we love to share. You may have heard of the statistic about Pinterest, where 80 percent of content is shared content or “repins.” If you look at other social networks,... (Read More ...)

‘Who Wins in the New Partnership of Twitter and Google’ by Jay Baer

Baer says, “Recently Google and Twitter announced that you will now be able to get tweets inside Google search results again. That used to be case until 2011, and then their previous relationship lapsed. So for the last four years or so you cannot find tweets inside Google search results, at least not in real time. But that is changing, and it’s mutually beneficial.1 Google is Self-Aware in a Way Few Tech Titans Have Been Google understands that the world that they have dominated for a long time is becoming extinct. The same way that dinosaurs used to dominate, the webpage is no longer... (Read More ...)

‘3 Advanced Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings’ by John Chow

Chow says, “We often here about SEO and how a solid campaign will improve your ranking in the search engines, however we are often left hearing the basics. When we read about SEO, we hear about link building, high quality content, on-page SEO, etc. Did you know all of these methods can be narrowed down to more effective strategies? For example, using link building is ONLY effective if you create links from the right websites with a high authority and keyword density. In order for you to get the full long-term effects from your campaign, it’s important you implement the following advance strategies... (Read More ...)

‘Is Yahoo’s Rise In Search Market Share About To End?’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Danny Sullivan says, “Twitter today announced the release of its first official WordPress plugin, bringing WordPress publishers easier access to a host of Twitter features and functionality. The plugin gives publishers the ability to: Generate Twitter Cards: Twitter Cards, which extend Twitter’s 140-character display with thumbnail images, headlines and subheads, can be automatically generated for each of a site’s pages. Customize the look — including the color of links and borders — of embedded tweets. Directly embed Twitter video on pages. Add tweet buttons to posts: The buttons... (Read More ...)

‘Six Crucial Attributes of a Successful Business Blog’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Michael Gerard says, “There’s no denying that content marketing, which has gained significant traction over the last five years, is becoming increasingly important to businesses across all industries. Marketers have found that investing in owned media (e.g., corporate website, blog, or microsite) is crucial to a company’s long-term success in content marketing. One type of owned media—the blog—is among the top 5 content marketing tactics used by B2B marketers, according to a recent study by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute. But what does it take to launch... (Read More ...)

‘Three Misconceptions About Modern SEO That Confuse Content Marketers’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Brian Clark says, “What’s the reality of search engine optimization after the Google Hummingbird update? Can someone destroy your business with negative SEO? Did Google kill the concept of AuthorRank when it eliminated the Authorship initiative? For these types of questions, there’s no better person to ask than Danny Sullivan, founder of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, CMO of Third Door Media (producers of the popular SMX conferences), and a veteran search engine expert of 20 years. Today’s show is just a warmup to Danny’s presentation at Authority Rainmaker 2015, May 13-15... (Read More ...)

‘Become Intelligent: Use Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts to your Advantage’ – MOZ Blog

Martijn Scheijbeler says, “Everybody remembers being in college, writing down activities in a logbook, hoping the hours they worked on a project were enough for a sufficient grade. After two years as an online marketer/SEO, I realized what makes writing down activities so important. The intent of this post is to save you from making the same mistakes I made. If you’re working for a brand, you probably want to make sure you’re on top of all your KPIs, but few of us are able to carefully track our valued metrics 24 hours a day. So in addition to providing you with some... (Read More ...)

‘Marketers Getting Long-Term Relationship Metrics Wrong’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Travis Bliffen says, “What a brand thinks they are doing right versus what they are actually doing right/wrong is often very different, as marketers can very easily focus their attention on metrics that don’t help them reach their goals. This is what Yes Lifecycle Marketing recently found to be the case in its survey of nearly 250 marketers at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conference in Oct. 2014. The survey found that 33 percent of marketers sourced building long-term relationships as a main goal for 2015, yet most weren’t focusing on important indicators of loyal customers,... (Read More ...)

‘10 Twitter marketing tricks we learned from the Oscars’ – ‘Mashable’

Tessa Wegert says, “With Twitter in the midst of a new product push that includes the introduction of a native videotool, all eyes are on the site to see whether it’s a “sustainable business.” One thing is certain: it remains the place to go to measure consumer sentiment and zeitgeist in response to major events. After Sunday’s Academy Awards, the media once again took the pulse of viewers by analyzing the tweetstorms that swept across the platform. “What’s the trick to watching the Oscars without a) falling asleep, b) napping or c) resting your eyes for a... (Read More ...)