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Friday, December 2, 2022

‘Content Distribution Is A Hot Mess Right Now’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Ryan Skinner says, “Publishers Are Engaged In Self-Harm With Marketers As An Accessory You remember when the email spam problem maxed out almost a decade ago? Or when content farms threatened to turn Google search results into useless piles of keyword-slurry? Or peak belly fat? There should be a word for the moments when the mechanisms that aim to keep our electronic information corridors running well, fail. It’s shaping up to be one of those moments for the content distribution space (and particularly its sub-discipline native advertising or sponsored content). You can pity... [...]

‘Digitize Your Business Today Or Prepare To Become Obsolete’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Clement Teo says, “In a previous blog entry, I argued that everyone needs to digitize their business, but not every business knows what to do. Transforming into a digital businesses, especially if you’re a traditional enterprise, is hard work. However, we believe that Asia Pacific is already primed for digital disruption. In my report, The State Of Digital Business In Asia Pacific In 2014, we found that, while the highest-profile digital business pioneers are headquartered in North America, market demand in Asia Pacific is more conducive to long-term digital disruption.... [...]

‘Expect 3.5 Billion Global Smartphone Subscribers By 2019′ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Satish Meena says, “In 2012, the number of smartphone subscribers worldwide passed the 1 billion mark, primarily due to adoption in North America and Europe. But the focus of the smartphone market is now shifting toward Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America. These three regions, which are home to 84% of the world’s population, will contribute a significant proportion of the next 2.5 billion subscribers, which Forrester believes will happen by 2019. According to our recently publishedForrester Research World Mobile and Smartphone Adoption Forecast, 2014... [...]

‘The Beginning Of The End For The “Programmatic” Ad Network’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Richard Joyce says, “The acquisition of [X+1] by Rocketfuel signals the beginning of the end for “programmatic” ad networks. Since the industry’s shift to programmatic, countless ad networks have changed how they market themselves, adjusting their sales language to mimic legitimate programmatic platforms. The “programmatic” ad network insertion order-based and flat-rate business model has prolonged the black box opacity that spurred the need for demand side platforms and exchange based media buying. It’s only fitting that one of the industry’s... [...]

‘Beacon Marketing: Be Wary Of The Hype’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Thomas Husson says, “Beacons have a great deal of disruptive potential as they bridge the digital and physical worlds. I quite like this quote from Steve Cheney, SVP at Estimote: “Beacons as a platform are really a wedge into ‘appifying’ the physical world. They give context to a physical space. They are a way of actually extending the network intelligence to the edge again, something that has been missing since the desktop era. Beacons are truly a way of giving your smartphone eyes—place dumb signs around you and let your phone discover and read them.” Beacon... [...]

‘Tools And Tactics For Leveraging Big Data’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Laura Ramos says, “Phoenix in the summer. To say it’s “hot” is an understatement. Weather reports predict a rather balmy 92 degrees F for Thursday of this week. Mild compared to the last time I attended the Marketing Technology Summit, co-sponsored by the Phoenix chapter of the BMA and the Arizona Technology Council. This year’s hot topic is big data — one of the four market imperatives Forrester believes will help companies to thrive in this digital age where buyers, business-to-business included, control most... [...]

‘Everyone Needs To Digitize Their Business — But Not Every Business Knows What To Do’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Clement Teo says, “Every business must transform into a digital business. Digital businesses continuously exploit digital technologies to create new sources of value for their customers and increase their operational agility to serve those customers. In Asia Pacific, CIOs have had limited success in driving digital business transformation. Organizations taking an early lead in transforming their business include Commonwealth Bank of Australia, China’s Ping An Insurance Group, and DBS Bank in Singapore. A true digital business needs to integrate two sides of a digital strategy:... [...]

‘Planning Your Big Data Strategy: Five Keys To Success’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Martha Bennett says, “To compete in the age of the customer, it’s essential to make the most of the data you have access to, whether it’s from internal or external sources. For most organizations, this implies a need to review and challenge existing approaches to how they capture, process, and use data to support decision-making. But it’s important first of all to move beyond a technology-centric view of big data. This is why at Forrester, we define big data as: The practices and technologies that close the gap between the data available and the ability to turn... [...]

‘Online Display Ads Will Account For More Than 12% Of Advertising Spend In Western Europe By 2019′ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Michael O’Grady says, “With 44% of all retail sales in Europe set to be offline sales that are influenced by the Web in 2018, it’s not surprising that online display advertising spend in Europe will grow more than three times faster than total advertising spend over the next five years. Forrester’s Online Display Advertising Forecast  shows that online display advertising will continue to cannibalize advertising spend via other channels. Firms are increasingly using video and rich media to engage, entertain, and attract the attention of online users... [...]

‘Two Things To Consider Before You Invest In A Social Content Curation Platform’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Kim Celestre says, “Chances are, you’ve recently visited a brand’s webpage and stumbled upon a visually appealing, Pinterest-like media gallery with photos of happy customers and the brand’s products. Today, media galleries are all the rage as marketers attempt to capture the priceless content their audiences are generating on social networks and at live events. But before you run out and invest what’s left of your 2014 marketing budget on a social content curation platform (see Figure 2 from this report) make sure social content curation will... [...]