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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Instant List Builder builds list tools in minutes (reseller license included) #ad

Building your list is one of the best things that you can do for your business. Instant List Builder can take the hard work out of the process. Normally, list building takes a lot of time. Now, with this solution from Diego Duarte it gets a lot easier. Instant List Builder is all-in-one software that can help you to build your list right away, without wasting your time. You also get a Reseller License, which means that, besides using it to build your own business, you can even sell the software to other people and keep 100% of the proceeds. Remember, your business will not take off without a mailing... [...]

PicMotion converts your pictures to marketing videos #ad

PicMotion is a Windows application that allows your to easily turn an image into a video with just 1 click. You are getting giveaway rights in addition to your rights for personal use. You will be able to use this software as a lead magnet, as a bonus for other products, as a download in a membership site you run, and as any other gift you can think of. Your video is simple, beginning with a still picture and making it move with what is often called a “Ken Burns Effect.” Take a look at this preview: It is available for a tiny investment. Get it here: PicMotion. Diego Duarte, the creator... [...]

Master Resale Rights Software Firesale #ad

At 11 AM EST, Diego Duarte is releasing his Master Resale Rights Software Firesale, with 5 applications, all developed by the Duarte team, that can improve your business in multiple ways: 1. Use them to build your marketing funnels, etc. Your business will run smoother. 2. Sell them to other businesses. They could use the improved productivity these apps can offer, too. 3. Sell resale rights to other online marketers. They need products to sell. You can supply these quality products. 4. Use them as bonuses for your customers. The five applications — all of which run on WindowsTM — are: ►... [...]

NicheCheetah builds sites with quality content and ads in minutes #ad

NicheCheetah, in short, allows you to create “Content-Ready” Websites For Any Niche. Yes, it builds the website, and then it populates it with content. And it does it almost instantaneously. And you’ll also be getting Resale Rights to this new software so not only can you build niche sites for yourself; you can start selling it to other marketers right away and keep 100% of each sale you make. NicheCheetah creates text articles bsed on YouTube videos. That’s permitted under the YouTube Creative Commons license (although individual creators can opt out so make sure any videos... [...]