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Monday, July 22, 2024

Email coaching by experts, Barb Ling & Dennis Becker #ad

Veteran marketing coaches, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker (together, they have over 44 years of experience) are offering email coaching for anyone wanting to up their game online. They have packed a lot of value into this low-cost training package: Ling/ Becker Marketing Coaching via Email. This training package not only allows you to email Becker and Ling with your own questions, but also gives you all the benefit of their DennisAndBarb Group Coaching Package. You are getting expert information, including: ► Access to their new IM Ignition training course, which is delivered to members at the rate... [...]

iPhone Informer: How to get into the iPhone accessories business #ad

The new Apple iPhones are big hits (they are physically big, too, and that’s part of what made them hits.) Apple has trouble keeping up with the demand. Savvy marketers can see the potential for riding on Apple’s coattails by offering accessories that iPhone users will need. That can be big business, too. Barb Ling has created a free WSO to help you get into the iPhone accessories business. She calls it iPhone Informer. The purpose of this new training is to share with you news sources and other links that will help you get an iPhone accessories business running. you need to know WHERE... [...]

Black Friday Informer: Free Marketing & Consumer Cheatsheet #ad

It’s well-known that Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving Day) is the biggest shopping day in the USA. Wise merchants prepare in advance you they are prepared to make sales on that day. If you have a site that sells physical goods, get ready for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday, three days later.) Barb Ling is offering free information that will help you prepare to get the most from your Black Friday promotions. (And, you could find out how to save on your own purchases, too.) In her Black Friday Informer, she shares many sources of information about Black Friday promotions all over the... [...]

Covert Niche Authority Power Blueprint: expertise within reach #ad

If you are perceived as an expert in your niche (someone like IM NewsWatch is for internet marketing), your business and your life get a lot easier. When people are coming to you for answers, they listen when you provide them. That’s a powerful stimulant to your income. Barb Ling has developed a reputation of expertise in helping people to sell their products online. One of the things she tells her clinets is that they need to build their reputation as an expert. Through the years, she has collected her advice into a package she calls Covert Niche Authority Power Blueprint. At the beginning... [...]

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