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Friday, June 21, 2024

50 Shades of Traffic: Everything you wanted to know about online traffic #ad

It’s no secret that every website needs traffic. Without it, the site will die. 50 Shades of Traffic, by Peter Winyeci. shows you 50 sites that can send you traffic. Some of the sites are free; others ask you to pay them for the traffic they send. All kinds of traffic sources are included in this encyclopedia of traffic sources. For example: • PPC Sources • CPV Sources • Self-Serve Advertising Networks Some are for general interest products; others work best for specific demographics or interests. IM NewsWatch has done a detailed review in its Proving Ground service. You can see it... [...]

Proving Ground Review: 50 Shades of Traffic

IM NewsWatch has taken 50 Shades of Traffic to The Proving Ground This is training on how to get traffic for your website, created by a team of marketers led by Peter Winyeci. The heart of this product is the set of 16 detailed videos reviewing sites that can bring traffic to your site. I watched several of these videos and was pleasantly surprised at the thoroughness of the reviews. It’s not just that the list of sites is so thorough, including PPC options, CPV options, etc., as important as that is. But each site he reviews is reviewed in a thorough manner. This is not just a list of... [...]

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