Most marketers focus solely on bulk of content but the content that features using chatbots and messaging also matters.

Content Marketing Institute columnist Chris Frascella has shared an article to guide marketers learn how to use conversational content.

Frascella says, “Marketing automation software provider HubSpot recently released functionality to make it easier to repurpose content for chat or messaging. That means a lot of marketing teams and agencies are going to be fumbling with how to make use of chat and messaging as a content marketing channel.

Last year, Forrester wrote an article on messaging apps published in Forbes, which includes a quote that should resonate with all of us who subscribe to CMI’s content marketing methodology: 

Messaging apps will introduce a paradigm shift for marketers where interactive and contextual conversations will replace ad broadcasting. New conversational interfaces will drive deeper relationships between consumers and brands.

Three phrases leap out at me from that quote: “interactive and contextual,” “replace ad broadcasting,” and “drive deeper relationships.” These concepts are the spirit of smart content marketing. You are creating value and building a relationship over time. You are notgoing for the quick and often fruitless hard sell”.

Conversational Content: How to Market Through Text Messaging and Chatbots

Content Marketing Institute
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