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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Archive for the 'Social Media Campaigns' Category

Strategies to run paid social campaigns

Social media offers a variety of ways to reach out larger audiences and make your business successful. Inside social what we have is paid campaigns that help you reach a targeted mass.Econsultancy columnist Sean Cole has shared six basics of planning a paid social media campaign.Cole says, “Advertising on social media is, of course, now widely utilised. With Econsultancy recently refreshing its Paid Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide, let’s look at six specific areas for beginners to consider when designing a paid social campaign.AudiencesLet’s start with audiences.... [...]

How to Run Successful Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are planned with a purpose which makes it challenging as compared to managing social media profiles. Marketers need to focus on the right time to run such campaigns.Entrepreneur contributor Alfred Lua has shared 13 tips for marketers to run social media campaigns.Lua says, “Here’s a quick overview of all the 13 social media campaign tips. Feel free to click on the tip that interests you the most to jump to that tip.Use existing platforms in a unique wayExperiment with new, emerging platformsGet your audience involvedTap into trending topics creativelyLet your... [...]