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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Category Name: List Building

OptinSkin split-tests your Optin forms, much more #ad

At 11 AM EST, the most flexible optin form builder we have ever seen will go on a year-end special sale. It’s called OptinSkin, and IM NewsWatch is using it on every page.OptinSkin works with all popular email marketing services. In fact, it allows web forms from hundreds of different email marketing services, including AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, iContact and Constant Contact.It is simple to change nearly any part of the optin form. The IM NewsWatch form is a standard form (one of the 18 included), just with colors, fonts, text, borders, etc. customized using point-and-click... (Read More ...)

Autopilot Buyers List: Build your mailing list with quality optins #ad

Jens Steyaerthas learned from experience that the best mailing list to have is a list of people who have already bought something in your niche.There are a lot of places in your sales funnel where you have a chance to swap links with other marketers, opportunities for you to send their offers to your list of buyers, and for them to send your offer to theirs.You could be missing many chances to add other people’s buyers to your list using things like:their funnels. These spots can be, for example:• Thank you pages• Download pages• The first follow-up messages• Bonus links inside... (Read More ...)

Easy Optin Traffic: Set & Forget Strategy; Build Your List on Auto Pilot #ad

If you are having trouble building your mailing list, the free Easy Optin Traffic report can get you on the right track.Using the free information in this report, according to the author, you can instantly increase traffic to your Squeeze Page by 66%.We have signed up for this free report. You can too, here: Easy Optin Traffic. (Read More ...)

Make money from freebie seekers #ad

You can waste a lot of time catering to people who are always on the lookout for free products.You may offer a free product to get them to opt in to your mailing list, and that may be the last thing they ever get from you, at least until the next time you offer something free.It doesn’t have to be this way. Certainly, you want to reward them for joining your list, but you don’t have to let the relationship go cold at that point. You can get them in a buying mood so they will buy from you again and again.This printable training will show you how to build your list full of these freebie... (Read More ...)

Improve your optin rate with Optin Gate #ad

It’s no secret that email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available. That’s because, you can use it to send people to all the other tools; to a video, to your blog, to a demo site, etc.And it can be more powerful if you are smart about how you use it.For email to have more than theoretical value for you, you need to build an email list to sendSo, when you get visitors to your site, make sure they optin to your list.How do you make sure they do?But suppose you ’make an offer they can’t refuse’. And make that offer every time they come to your site, until... (Read More ...)

Having trouble building your mailing list? #ad

If you need a larger mailing list but are having trouble building it, Michael Somerville is offering to help with his Opt-in Leads, Done for You.He will build your list using what he calls, “a unique system that will qualify leads and determine if they want to buy something or if they just want to take up space in your email manager.”All the opt-in leads you purchase will added to your autoresponder within 30days. And, he includes his hosted autoresponder in this offer, so you can mail to your opt-ins over and over without having to use an external autoresponder service.His clients... (Read More ...)

The Optin Optimizer: Free 5x List Building Strategy #ad

Marcus is offering a guide to improved list building, called The Optin Optimizer, and he is giving it at no charge to anyone who wants a copy.He has found that he can build his list up to 5 times faster by making a small tweak to his squeeze page process that only takes a minute to make.Simple change; big difference in results.He has found a way to get people to promote his list and it costs him nothing.All this and more is available in The Optin Optimizer, training any list builder can take advantage of.Marcus says you don’t have to spend a lot of time building your list; he approach... (Read More ...)

Lucrative List Building: Your guide to a responsive mailing list #ad

Vancouver marketer Glen Hopkins has been in the online business for many years. In that time he has learned the importance of building a responsive list of people he can present information and offers to again and again.Because a responsive list is a lucrative list.With buyers on your list, you will earn a lot more than with a list only of people who signed up because they got something free for doing so.Now Hopkins is sharing his Lucrative List Building techniques with other marketers. He is convinced that building a list and sending emails to it is much more profitable that trying to sell... (Read More ...)

Free Training: The One Factor That Builds Your List #ad

In this free report, James Carter shares his technique for getting 50 opt-ins a day for your mailing list.He offers this free training so you will get to know him and the quality of his work. He has additional training on list-building that he has for sale.If you like his free training, you will probably like the follow-up training, so check out the additional training he has available, too.Go here to give him the address where he should send the free training: Free Training: The One Factor That Builds Your List. (Read More ...)

Turn Your WP Blog/ Website into a List-building Machine #ad

Gavin McLelland knows that every online marketer hopes to turn visitors into Subscribers. So he built 8 conversion tools and combined them into a WordPress olugin he calls WP Generation Plugin.To do that, you need to get the visitor’s attention with your offer of a subscription. These 8 tools make it easy to stop visitors and get them to take action.These tools can create:• POPUP BOX An unblockable lightbox popup box.• SLIDING PANEL Panel slide in from top, bottom, left or right. Use for special offers, combine with Popup Boxes.• HEADER BAR Various types of header bars... (Read More ...)

Reminder- ‘Rapid Listbuilding 2.0’ John Chow’s Webinar 6.00 pm EST

Webinar DetailsOrganizer:  John ChowSpeaker: Tim PaigeTopic: Rapid Listbuilding 2.0Day/Date: Thurday, September 11Time: 6.00 pm EST – Time Zone ConverterRegister for webinar details.‘Rapid Listbuilding 2.0’ Webinar (Read More ...)

How to Build Your First Mailing List #ad

No, not your grocery list, your mailing list. You need one for long-term marketing success. IM NewsWatch has been building its mailing list since 2006, over 8 years. There are people who have been reading our news since the beginning.If you want your business to last this long, you need a list of email addresses for people who have chosen to opt in to get mail from you.Once your list is started, it’s not too hard to keep growing it. But if you are new to list building, you may need some help.Reed Floren is announcing a beginner’s giude for building a list today, called (what else?)... (Read More ...)