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Friday, May 29, 2020

Category Name: List Building

Free Training: Buyers List Arbitrage #ad

A Buyers List in your niche is the epitome of a useful mailing list. This is a list of people who have actually bought something in your niche. People who have bought once are likely to buy again, more likely than someone who has never bought before.Arbitrage is the art of procuring something of value at a low cost and selling it for a high price.Leon Tran‘s new training, Buyers List Arbitrage, will show you how to build a list of buyers in your niche, at very low cost, and then use that list over and over again to bring in multiple sales.This is true arbitrage, but it goes beyond the... (Read More ...)

Buyers List Arbitrage: Free training on building a buyers list #ad

When you build a mailing list, big is good but only if the people on the list are likely to buy from you. Put another way, in list building, quality is more important than quantity.The best quality list is one filled with buyers of products in your niche. Usually, the way to get a list of buyers is to launch a product and save the contact information for the people who buy your product.That works, but it takes a while and involves considerable cost to create the product, build a sales page and delivery process and then manage the launch.Leon Tran has found a way to build a buyers list without... (Read More ...)

CPA List Domination: Using Bing for CPA Profits #ad

A lot of marketers are finding that Bing delivers more sales, at lower cost, than Google. It was only a matter of time before CPA affiliates began using Bing for these offers, too.The problem many CPA affiliate marketers face is that while they get commissions when people take action, they don’t have an easy way to build a mailing list at the same time, so they can send new offers to their list.Ram Rawat is an average guy who saw the apparent conflict between CPA and list building and resolved to do something about it.He began experimenting with Bing ads. For a long time, he lost money,... (Read More ...)

Need leads? How about 1000 leads daily? #ad

Experienced online marketer Jason Parker knows the importance of leads for any business. They are essential for a business to succeed because they represent new potential customers.Your customer list is always shrinking. People move, change jobs, lose interest or get tired of so much email. And they unsubscribe. These kinds of changes mean your mailing list is shrinking. You need new leads just to stay even.If you are marketing to people who want to make money online through internet marketing, then Parker has something you will be interested in, 1000 Leads a Day from Scratch.Parker’s... (Read More ...)

Build My List 2.0: list building for online marketers #ad

Jimmy Kim has revised and enhanced his list building training, Build My List.IM NewsWatch has found that one of the core parts of a successful online business is its email list.Sending an email to your list of subscribers is an opportunity to earn a commission as an affiliate, sell your own products or to promote a webinar.In all our newsletters, along with the hard news, we also promote products that can be of value to online marketers.Jimmy Kim is showing marketers, people just like you, how to build a profitable email list in his new Build My List. Watch the video on this page to get a clearer... (Read More ...)

Sneaky List Hack adds 1000 subscribers to your list #ad

Face it, if you want to be a marketer, you need a mailing list of people who have indicated an interest in what you have to sell.Taylor Rizor says his Sneaky List Hack strategy will consistently bring new subscribers onto your list, so you can build a relationship with them and, ultimately, market to them.And, Rizor says, you can build your list without spending any of your money; no solo ads, no Facebook ads, no ads at all.And, in Sneaky List Hack, he has given you a detailed plan. It’s just a matter copying and pasting what he has done, so you can do it for yourself.In this new training... (Read More ...)

IM NewsWatch celebrates 100,000 posts with new free product #ad

In nearly 10 years, IM NewsWatch has published 100,000 news stories, over 10,000 every year.We feel elated about that accomplishment, so we invited Ken Reno to partner with us on free product to our loyal subscribers. Link Gate WordPress Plugin.This plugin lets you create a pop-up that is shown when a visitor clicks on a special text link you place in a post or a page.Your pop-up can contain whatever you like: an image, an opt-in form, text or any HTML.You can change color of the background, the color of the submit button, the text labels for fields, the border, the radius on the pop-up box... (Read More ...)

How Jimmy Kim Built a $25,000 A Month Business #ad

If you got the free e-book last week, you know Jimmy Kim has a powerful grasp of the list building process. He gave you a good introduction in that free e-book.Now, he is offering an advanced course that shares more of his best ideas on list building.Through trial and error (and a lot of persistence) Kim developed what he calls his Build My List 5 Step Formula. This is the heart of the training he just announced.According to Kim, this is the most comprehensive training available anywhere that shows you step-by-step how to build a list of people interested in your products. The 5 steps take you... (Read More ...)

Beginning marketers plead, “Build My List” #ad

When it comes to getting sales and leads online, there is one thing that 99% of successful marketers use, an online mail list of email addresses (and usually names).Experienced marketers may have found ways to successfully build a mailing list. How about you?Without this list, any sales you get are “one-off” events. You can’t follow up to offer upgrades or other products.Jimmy Kim just released a book (and he is giving it away at no charge) that explains how you can build your own list without a lot of hassle.As I say, he is giving it away gratis. He calls it The Money is... (Read More ...)

‘How To Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever’ LeadPages Live Training January 14

LeadPages is hosting a live training on Wednesday, January 14 on ‘How To Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever’.In this training Tim Paige will share top list-building tactics from 2014.Tim will discuss the following:• 4 easy-to-implement tactics you can complete this week to start growing your audience — and your customer-base — for 2015.• The landing page that boosted leads by 342% for one marketing team we know. (And how you can start testing this exact same page for your business or clients.)• Learn how to easily implement the three techniques that LeadPages™ used... (Read More ...)

Optin Overdrive: Get more subscribers every day #ad

Matt Bacak and Eric Graham are online marketers, and, more than that, they are list builders. The have built multiple lists of thousands of subscribers.They are ready, now, to share their secrets to non-stop list building with you in Optin OverdriveThey recorded a recent conversation they had about how to build mailing lists. They share what actually works for them. This training is the result of systematic testing. In fact, Graham reports that over 10,000 split-tests went into designing his list strategy and, ultimately, into this recording.As a result of all this testing, he has been able... (Read More ...)

If a Grandma can do it, you can too #ad

Jeremy Kennedy’s mom has had health problems all her life. She lovingly reared her children even when it hurt. And now she is the grandma to Jeremy’s children.She taught them about hard work and diligence and to always, above all else, treat others as they would want to be treated.Due to her health, she had to quit her job, and, to help her support herself, Jeremy taught her how to market online.With her health issues, she struggled with this new work, and Jeremy struggled, too, hoping he could find a marketing strategy that she could manage.If she had to do it, it couldn’t... (Read More ...)