Leadono is groundbreaking tech with smart LDO technology that finally allows you to effortlessly capture verified emails with just a touch or click &and grow your list virally on autopilot.

You will be able to auto-build your subscribers list even without a website, and easily capture people’s emails from both social platform users and cream-of-the-top Amazon buyers with a touch or click from them.

All the emails you collect will be already verified and automatically synced to your autoresponder account.

On top of that, you will also get direct access to the most powerful free traffic source on the internet – an incentivized referral traffic system (that is, a viral system.)

Leadono’s LDO technology is also solving the biggest problem everyone doing business on the internet has: enabling you to collect subscribers from mobile traffic, significantly boosting your list growth that comes from desktop visitors, and protecting you from fake, mistyped, and throwaway email addresses.

Leadono is designed to enable every visitor to push their verified email to your list with a touch or click, and without typing anything.

Leadono is a cloud-based tool, which harnesses the power of the fact that most of your visitors are already logged in to one or more social platforms, or to their Apple or Amazon account.

You will be able to collect emails from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, and the biggest eCommerce company on the planet – Amazon. All people have to do is touch their screen or click a button.

To collect leads you can either use great-looking Leadono landing pages, special links for subscribing right inside Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or get a code to embed Leadono lead capture buttons directly on your website or blog.

After people touch or click on the continue button, their verified email is pushed from the platform they use to your Leadono account, and then synced to your autoresponder.

Leadono natively supports a large number of autoresponders with direct integrations, as well as Zapier to integrate with almost any autoresponder you want.

It even gives you the ability to use HTML form integration to connect to obscure or custom autoresponders.

On top of that, you can also download a file with all your subscribers at any time, and upload it to an autoresponder of your choice.

We have arranged for our readers to receive bonuses to complement Leadono. Take a look here: Leadono Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers. You will find them in your member’s area.

Don’t delay. The launch is almost over. Get your own lead generation machine here: Leadono.

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