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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Archive for the 'Graphics Software' Category

MarketingBlocks Business Kit; tools for online marketers #ad

MarketingBlocks is packed with world-class features, such as an AI-powered graphics editor, video editor, text to speech editor, page builder, inbuilt translator, resizing wizard and much more. You can get early bird discounted access here: MarketingBlocks: With this software on your team, you will no longer be plagued by: ❌ Expensive freelancers ❌ Missing deadlines ❌ Delayed Projects and Overrun cost ❌ Poor copy ❌ Unattractive graphics Just think of how much you will save since you don’t need to hire web designers, a webmaster, and more. Once you get access to MarketingBlocks... [...]

Spinzign: Start Your Own Graphic Design Agency in Minutes #ad

The graphic design industry is $45.8 Billion annually and you have a golden opportunity to participate. Spinzign was just released, and it cold be your key to profiting from this large niche. Check out the introductory video to discover what it can do for you: * How To Create Stunning Graphic Designs in Minutes even if you have zero design skills * How To Save $1,000s in Outsourcing Fees and Hours of Work on Creating Visual Content * How To Start Your Own 100% Profit Graphic Design Agency from your home without hiring designers And that’s just the beginning. Spinzign is the world’s... [...]

What is RoyalStock? How can it help me? #ad

RoyalStock is an extensive stock asset platform where you can build a profitable business. You can use the stock content (images, videos, more…) in your own business and for your clients. And you can also build your own online store of stock media collections and sell access to those collections. This is your chance to build a store similar to ShutterStock to help you find, use & sell stock collections as your own-instantly to marketers, youtubers, business owners, digital marketers, designers, agencies & others… Currently, during launch week, it is available for a one-time investment.... [...]

What kind of graphics do you need? ClickDesigns makes them #ad

ClickDesigns makes logos, e-book covers, we graphics and more. And you don’t have to be an expert to use it. You can create any type of graphics and designs with ClickDesigns in just a few clicks of the mouse button. Once you have made them, use them virtually anywhere online; Wix, WooCommerce, and WordPress, for example, (and that’s just the Ws) and start generating opt-ins, views, sales. Never again will you spend weeks or months, or thousands of dollars on logos, box shots, covers, reports, digital device mockups, product bundles, graphics, and illustrations because finally, you... [...]

ClickDesigns: Stunning graphic designs for yourself and clients #ad

Mo Latif calls ClickDesigns “the #1 ‘ultra-powerful’ weapon with baby-friendly controls, versatility, and design sophistication, perfect for newbies, startups, and professionals who are non-designers.” That’s a real mouthful, but he says he can back it up with facts. His demonstration shows you how easy it is to become your own graphics designer and save the big price tag of hiring a pro. During his launch, you can get your own copy for a discounted price here: ClickDesigns. This new easy graphics creation tool was created so that busy marketers like you, who aren’t... [...]

ClickDesigns: Easily (and quickly) create any kind of graphics #ad

Free e-book shows how to use graphic designs to improve your business results and how anyone, even with no artistic skills, can create outstanding graphics in just seconds using ClickDesigns. You can download this free information here: Inside this e-book, you will discover: ✓ How Mo Latif used ClickDesigns for three product launches. ✓ Why Beta Testers say it’s more powerful and easier to use than other tools, including Canva. ✓ How you can immediately shift your creative weakness into your greatest strength to create irresistible, game-changing... [...]

DesignBeast: Animation and Graphics Maker App #ad

Imagine creating world-class parallax 3D animations, design & graphics like the fortune 500 companies without expensive freelancers, complicated apps, or paying monthly subscriptions. With the new DesignBeast software from Paul Ponna you can. Better yet, imagine selling these stunning designs and animations you create to clients for $300 or more each. For the first time ever, the brand new DesignBeast technology gives you access to six cutting-edge software apps inside ONE dashboard. Check Out The Powerful Software Demo Here: DesignBeast Demo. Here is what you are getting access to today: ✓... [...]

Clever Memes can sell for you; MemeBuddy does them right #ad

People love memes, and they love sharing them with their friends. Memes are viral. And that’s what makes them so valuable for marketers. New software, called MemeBuddy makes it easy to create memes and use them in your selling. Once you have your memes, use them for traffic, for engagement, and for Sales. MemeBuddy lets you create high-quality, high traffic-generating memes for just about any market. Included in this new offer is a commercial and agency license as well. Marketers around the world are realizing the power of memes and are willing to pay for good memes. With your license, you... [...]

Boost the power in your Powerpoint videos, presentations, etc. #ad

Powerpoint has a lot of uses in the world of online marketing. Recently, marketers have used it to make videos, but for many years it has been the tool of choice for presenting ideas to potential customers, outsourcers, and teams. But the sad thing is that many Powerpoint presentations don’t grab people’s attention because of lackluster visual appearance. They look boring. No matter how good the information, they don’t hold people;’s attention. That’s why Powerpoint Slide Kit was created. This is a large collection of templates, infographics, vector characters, and... [...]

Flexible Images: Use them anywhere #ad

Flexible Images Club is a cloud-based library of images that can be used in all your marketing presentations: flyers, reports, websites, videos, etc. Membership in this club give you access to tens of thousands of images with a “transparent background” that you can use in almost any project. “Transparent background” means that if you paste them into a graphic built up from other images, this image is not rectangular, overlaying a large part of the existing scene, Instead,they are professionally cut out removing all the background they originally had, so they can blend in... [...]