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Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Graphics Software ’ Category

Instazign Pro: Fast Design & Social Media Automation Software #ad

Instazign Pro is a new graphics intelligent designer. The creators, Brett Ingram and Mo Latif, say it can cut both the the time required to develop graphics and expense by up to 98%. “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) is a trending concept in marketing today. It makes software easier to use; the software has been designed to […]

Pixel Studio FX 3.0: 5,326 eCover templates; fire your designer #ad

If you want to create ebook covers that dazzle potential customers, take a look at Pixel Studio FX 3.0. Clearly, its creator, Richard Madison knows how to create good covers. When you see them here, you will agree. No surprise, though; he has been doing it for years with each version of his software more […]

With less than 7 seconds to get their attention, you need speed #ad

If you want to quickly (and easily) create professional attention-getting graphics for your websites, social media or other advertising, take a look at Pixamattic. Have you noticed influencers, bloggers, celebrities and smart marketers connecting with their audience, posting so much content and every second of the day? They automate a lot of the work. Otherwise, […]

Pixamattic: Build your own pro-quality sales graphics #ad

Well-known online marketers Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have teamed up to release new software called : Pixamattic. It uses artificial intelligence to let you easily build just the graphics you need for social media and elsewhere. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, a product developer, a CPA marketer or even someone looking to build […]

Another IM Checklist from Kevin Fahey #ad

Since the end of 2017, Kevin Fahey has been releasing checklists for best online marketing practices. Today, he rleeases volume 6, IM Checklists: Canva. If you aren’t familiar with Canva, it’s a prpular tool for creating all kinds of graphics. There is a free version as well as upgraded versions for a fee. What you’re […]

PixleStudio FX builds e-covers & media graphics in a flash #ad

How your product looks makes a difference in how it is accepted and how much it earns for you. Face it, people do judge a book by its cover. Your media covers (books, PDFs, DVDs, etc.) need attractive designs that cause people to stop and consider your product. You can hire expert designers or you […]

Instant Infographics Creator: Make your own, look great, save big #ad

There are currently over 50 million results for the term ‘Infographic’ on Google. Every day the creation infographics are created by marketers and others who want to show information, not just write about it. Infographics are daily becoming more important to marketing businesses, large and small. They are effective because 90% of the information that […]

VisualReel Creates Cinemagraphs, Memes, Quote­Pics in 3­ Steps #ad

Stay with us until the end; we share a discount code with you. If there’s one thing online marketers have learned in the last year, it is that visual elements boost marketing success dramatically. Videos, cinemagraphs, memes, and quotations presented on a visual background can make your sales material really “pop”. VisualReel is powerful software […]

Get Your VisualReel Agency License (Discount coupon) #ad

If you want to create graphic elements that attract clicks, comments and likes, then VisualReel may be just what you need. It creates Memes, pictures with quotations and cinemagraphs that you can use anywhere you like for marketing your products. VisualReel is a cloud-based automated system that gets you free traffic and customers in 3-clicks. […]

Do you have your Qutamator? Price rising, but… #ad

As you may remember, Quotamator software builds graphics consisting of a picture and a quotation superimposed on the picture. You can choose colors and fonts. In fact you have a lot of artistic freedom with this software. Using this software can build your business in ways you never dreamed of. Quotamator gives you the power […]