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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Graphics' Category

Banner Ninja- 30 New professional banner styles to build your business #ad

You can optimize your banner advertising with these 270 banners, 9 in each of the 30 styles. Split-test to see which style and size works best for you. You get 30 designs, each attractive in its own way, and each in 9 shapes and sizes to fit wherever you need it. The come with complete instructions on editing and customization… And they cost just pennies. Lucas Adamski has really given us a tool for improving our clickthroughs with these stylish designs. Check out these new designs for better banners here: Banner Ninja  [...]

ePublishing Gold: Your solution to getting you book published on Kindle #ad

ePublishing Gold is a comprehensive package for a Kindle publisher: A course on the ins and outs of Kindle publishing, one that answers the questions you really have: How to correct formatting problems with my book How to avoid Amazon rejection of your book How to promote a book once Kindle has accepted it And many more, you you will have a professionally presented book to upload to Kindle that readers will find easy to read A WP Theme (called WP BookAuthor) designed for promoting your book, including a link to order it. And it lets you promote you other books, too. See the demo site for a... [...]

Improve Your Site’s Load Time with “Image Compressor” #ad

Google gives preference to sites with faster loading speed. Graphics often take a good while to load. But your sites with graphics can load quicker. Use Image Compressor to reduce unnecessary data in images without affecting the image quality. Image Compressor has advantages over other tools: – Image Compressor can work completely offline, you do not need to wait while images are uploaded one by one to the website. – No size limit, other services often limit to around 200Kb or sometimes up to 1Mb. – You can drag and drop whole folders of images, such as a WordPress theme and plugin... [...]

Create Mascot Illustrations for Your Site using “Mascot Creator Toolkit” #ad

The Mascot Creator Toolkit comes with main PSD files and 200+ layers. The tutorial document helps designers how to use this toolkit withour Photoshop. The Mascot Creator Toolkit has many uses (see samples in their ad): – Use it to create an avatar for yourself – Create a mascot for you business site – Spice up your presentation – Personalize your social network – Create business cards. The Mascot Creator Toolkit comes with 30-day money back guarantee. If you could use cartoon mascots on a client website, or for your own, you can check out this new tool here Mascot... [...]

How to make Favicons easily #ad

Search your hard drive and you will find hundreds of .ICO files. They are the signature of the many programs on your PC. You will also find them in your browser beside the URL you are visiting. A computer scientist would tell you they aren’t mandatory, but a marketer would beg to differ. An online marketing campaign benefits from a good icon. Don’t leave home without one. Would you like to turn your logo or other art into a favicon? ICO maker does it with ease. It will shrink any art you choose down to icon size and save it as an ICO file. It does it all with push-button ease. You can... [...]

Collection of hundreds of marketing words and phrases illustrated with cartoons #ad

Your site will stand out when you add these illustrated phrases as headers and beauty elements on your pages. You get a unique collection of power words and phrases with cartoon web graphics on them. These words and phrases are suited for sales pages, squeeze pages, websites and any other marketing platforms. The usage of these proven to convert power words and phrases are limited only by your imagination. These graphics come with resale rights for even more value. In addition, you get a bonus consisting of 8 motivational quotes with nice graphics that you can use yourself or for your clients... [...]