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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Blogs' Category

Serped: Build A Powerful Private Blog Network #ad

The backlinks a Private Blog Network (PBN) can offer your website can potentially raise your site’s visibility in the search results (SERPs) and consequently increase your sales.This and other forms of SEO are useful in virtually any online marketing campaign. Now, there’s a new tool (actually, a suite of tools), called, that can make it simple to take advantage of all the SEO capabilities your site needs.For example, one of the online tools provided by is a “domain finder”. It locates domains in your niche that are available and have a lot of credibility... [...]

WP DigiPro: New WP Plugin to Sell Your Digital Products #ad

Now you can start selling your digital products in a matter of minutes.Whether you sell eBooks, software, membership, online courses, graphics, or any other information product, the new WP DigiPro plugin (being announced today) can set up your online sales process in just minutes.There are just 3 simple steps to place your products online using WP DigiPro.You can even build your own “Digital Product Empire” without having to create products of your own.If you have been struggling to sell your own digital products, this new software may be a lifesaver for you. It allows you to run... [...]

WordPress free workshop on supporting themes, August 23

The WordPress support team is hosting a free workshop on ‘The Developers Guide to Supporting Your Themes’. The online workshop will be held on Wednesday, August 23 at 11.00 am CDT.The WP support team says, “Some users approach plugins and themes with realistic expectations regarding the support they might receive on tickets. Others approach these free products as if they were all built with large teams of professional support behind them, which is rarely the case. This often results in frustration, one-star reviews, and ultimately a bad reputation for products... [...]

WP Total Audit; We bought, installed on IM NewsWatch #ad

All sites have some risk of hacking, but WordPress sites are especially prone to hacking because they are all, by default, organized the same way so crooks can write software to explore the site, mine its data and plant malicious code.That’s a problem because, right now, your site may be at risk. But you can make your site an exception, making it hard to hack by not using the default behaviors, instead changing your site in ways hackers aren’t prepared for.WP Total Audit not only shows you how to harden your site, it also includes a WordPress plugin you can install to automate most... [...]

Use These WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts

The WordPress Plugins page features 50,706 plugins. Many bloggers publish list of great plugins for various categories. These plugins make your blogging journey smooth and fruitful.AWeber’ Sam Hollis has shared a list of seventeen WordPress plugins that help marketers improve their email marketing efforts.Hollis says, “If WordPress is your Content Management System (CMS), there are a ton of ways you can use the tool to level up your marketing and achieve greater success.With WordPress plugins, you can do things like supercharge your list building efforts, make your website more... [...]

WP Engine Launches ‘Content Performance’ Tool

WP Engine has launched Content Performance, a Performance Intelligence solution for marketers and publishers. According to the company, this new tool will help marketers drive higher brand engagement with greater agility through WordPress and get better insights into their entire WordPress content.Key benefits of Content PerformanceUnlock New Google Analytics Insights Tailored for WordPressStrengthen Content Strategy with Relevant DataMaintain Your Content Production WorkflowEngage Your Audience and Drive ROI.Jason Cohen, Founder & CTO, WP Engine, says, “Today, WordPress powers 28... [...]

WP DigiPro: Enables eCommerce, keeps out crooks #ad

At 10 AM EDT today, Tantan Hilyatana announces his company’s latest software: WP DigiPro. This is a WordPress plugin to handle sales and delivery of digital products;• Payment gateways integration (most importantly, Paypal, but also 2Checkout)• Automatic product delivery• Email notification• Member access• Autoresponder integration• Download link protection from theft• And much more.WP DigiPro can support sale of your digital products, whatever they are, for example:■ Software■ Web Developer services■ An Online Course■ A Membership Site■ Graphic Design... [...]

‘First Month Free + No Charge Migration to a Faster WordPress Website’ – Copyblogger

Brian Clark says, “It’s been less than three months since we launched StudioPress Sites, our new solution that combines the ease of an all-in-one website builder with the flexible power of WordPress.The response and feedback have been phenomenal. And the icing on the cake is that we’re already winning accolades.In an independent speed test performed this month by WebMatros, StudioPress Sites was declared the undisputed winner. We’re thrilled, because we were up against formidable competition from WP Engine, Flywheel, Media Temple, Pressable, and Bluehost.As you know, speed is important.... [...]

WP Blazer: website automation at its best #ad

If you have multiple WordPress sites, you know how much trouble it is to keep them all updated. And backing them all up is even harder.Cindy Donovan is recently announced a new tool to take the hard work of managing WordPress sites away from you. and handle it automatically.The newly released cloud app WP Blazer allows you to automatically manage all your WP sites inside one simple interface. You can update them and back them all up with a few simple clicks.In fact, with WP Blazer, all of these actions now take only a few seconds:¡ Update all your WP sites with one click¡ Install or update... [...]

‘How to Move Your WordPress Website to a New Host With No Downtime’ – Elegant Themes

John Hughes says, “Moving your website from one host to another is often touted as a complicated process, but it can actually be quite simple. All it takes is a few steps, and your site will be up and running once more – this time on a different (and better) host. The only trick lies in pulling off the process with no downtime.If there’s one thing you never want your website to be, it’s down for the count. The good news is you’ll only need five steps – as we’ll show you in this piece. However, before that let’s take a moment to talk about the dangers of downtime, and what... [...]