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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Archive for the 'Digital Marketing Trends' Category

State of Digital’s Predictions And SEO Advice for 2020

State of Digital contributor Laurence O’Toole has published predictions And SEO advice for 2020. These predictions are divided into the following categories: Technical SEOLocal searchLinksKeyword researchUser intentFuture of SERPsVoice search and more. O’Tooole says, “We reviewed many predictions made in 2016. Change is the only certainty that 2020 will bring.  But these brave SEOs have got their crystal balls out again and have given us their thoughts on what 2020 might bring and what their SEO strategies and tactics are for the year ahead. I’ve broken... [...]

2020 Digital Marketing Trends: Predictions from Eight Experts SEO Advice for 2020

The new year has started and we are about to enter its second month. But we can always help ourselves by knowing how experts see the year in terms of marketing trends. Searchmetrics contributor Stephen Bench-Capon has shared 2020 digital marketing trends as expressed by eight marketing leaders. Capon says, “Making predictions about the future of digital marketing can be a thankless task – it’s not easy to second-guessing Google or to picking out which of today’s trends are going to shape tomorrow’s world. Luckily, we found a few individuals bold enough to make predictions... [...]

Impact Highlights 27 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

The new year has already started and its time to capture each and every opportunity for your marketing. Every year we observe new trends that create an impact in our marketing. To help you improve your marketing effectiveness in 2020, Impact contributor Brian Casey has shared 27 important digital marketing trends to watch this year. Casey says, “My goal with this article is to help you learn and understand the digital marketing trends that will change how you work.  Digital sales trends 1. Assignment selling Does your sales team use any of the content being... [...]

What Will Marketing Look Like in 2030? [Video]

The marketing domain continues to change in congruence with new innovations, tools and technologies. By keeping a watch on how it will look like in future, you can prepare yourself with appropriate strategies. Think with Google team has published a video on how marketing will look in 2030. TwG team says, “With 2020 upon us, everyone is talking about the upcoming decade. What will marketing look like 10 years from now? Wunderman Thompson Global Chairman Tamara Ingram, Publicis Poke CEO Nick Farnhill, and Vineet Mehra, global CMO of Walgreen Boots Alliance, offer their predictions”. What... [...]

7 Marketing Trends for 2020 [Podcast]

By learning the digital marketing predictions from experts you can prepare a strategy that could work in future. Neil Patel has published a new podcast episode titled ‘7 Marketing Trends for 2020’. Patel says, “In episode #1228, we discuss seven marketing trends that we see happening in 2020! 2019 has been a wild year and some things are falling by the wayside, while others are on the up. Our big predictions are the rise of voice search, tiered monetization, TikTok, business intelligence, AI, new communication strategies, and the only moat that will still exist in marketing!... [...]

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

The new year is almost here so you should prepare your marketing tools to achieve more milestones. With increasing Internet usage, the digital marketing domain has bright scope for further growth. Jeff Bullas has shared five biggest trends that we may observe in 2020. Bullas says, “Statista projected that by the close of 2019, active email accounts would be increasing to an astonishing 5.6 billion. According to Hubspot, local searches have become so powerful that 72% of searchers for local businesses end in a 5 mile radius visit. Omnicore Agency has found that a full 93%... [...]

The Best Campaigns of 2019 and 2020 Trends [Podcast]

In latest Marketing Week podcast episode, the Marketing Week team has compiled the best marketing campaigns of 2019 and offered their predictions for the coming year. Marketing Week team says, “In this edition of Marketing Week Explores, acting features editor Charlotte Rogers, features writer Matt Barker and news editor Sarah Vizard join host Molly Fleming to discuss their favourite campaigns of the year and what made them such a success. Plus, the team give their take on the key marketing trends for 2020, including the growth of grassroots sports sponsorship and how next year... [...]

Why is digital marketing more important for businesses than ever before? [infographic]

The Point Blank team has published a new infographic titled ‘Why is digital marketing more important for businesses than ever before?’. This infographic features findings from various surveys conducted by different firs globally. Here are some of the findings: The global e-commerce value is expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 51% of people discovered a new brand or product through search By 2020 the video marketing will be valued $22 billion By 2023 brands are expected to spend $25.1 billion on online marketing automation. To discover more findings visit the following page.... [...]

Ashley Friedlein’s marketing and digital trends for 2019 [Econsultancy]

Econsultancy founder Ashley Friedlein has published his predictions on digital and marketing trends and developments expected in 2019. Friedlein has covered digital transformation, customer experience,SEO, social media, email & marketing automation, data & analytics, content marketing, paid media & advertising, e-commerce and mobile. Highlighting his predictions, Friedlein says, “In some previous years new digital marketing disciplines emerged e.g. search engine marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing and others. I cannot see... [...]

Omnichannel marketing a priority for 25% marketers [Survey]

Econsultancy and Adobe have published the 2018 Digital Trends in Retail that explores the effects of digital disruption in the sector. Here are the findings from the survey conducted by the two companies. Omnichannel marketing is a priority for 25% of retailers 19% believe that data-driven marketing is the foremost opportunity in the coming times The retailers believe in focusing on real-time personalization to enhance the customer experience 72% of respondents plan to increase digital marketing spending during 2018. For more findings, access the report. Digital Intelligence Briefing:... [...]