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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The e-learning industry is on track for $398 Billion revenue #ad

  Online learning (also called e-learning) is growing dramatically and will soon account for $398 Billion in sales. That’s a huge market for you to participate in. There are, though, what economists call “barriers to entry” that make it hard to get started in this business. There is a lot of software needed to build the infrastructure to run the business, tracking enrollments, payments, course completions, etc. There is a need for expertise that can be encapsulated in courses. Probably, all of us have dome expertise that can be turned into a course, but hardly any of us... [...]

Fast Traffic Bot brings in free traffic & subscribers #ad

Automation is a key ingredient for a growing business. For the next 3 days, you have an opportunity to automate the process of building traffic to your website. After all, your most precious resource is your time. Automating work tyou would otherwise need to spend time on is the key to increasing your effectiveness. And since better traffic is the key to increasing your sales, that’s a good place to starting your automation. Jeff Alderson and Eric Holmlund have developed Fast Traffic Bot to assist in increasing the traffic to your site. Fast Traffic Bot uses the power of safelists to build... [...]

Professional stock videos at firesale prices, this week #ad

This week only, you can get 52 stock video clips for less than the cost of a single video clip from the popular stock video sites. Eric Holmlund, and his partners Paul Counts and Trevor Smith, are offering these top quality stock video clips, this week only, at a firesale price. in their Stock Video Firesale. Videos can help your site, but you have to watch out for 3 things: 1. Make sure your videos are properly licensed. Otherwise, the owner can sue you. 2. Make sure your videos are high quality. Shabby videos will hurt your site, not help it. 3. Don’t pay too much. Many stock video sites... [...]

Tomorrow, there’s a block-buster resale product launching #ad

We don’t have a lot of details yet, but tomorrow we will let you in on the new set of 5 resale products Dr. Amit Pareek and Eric Holmlund are launching. Here is a glimpse of these upcoming products: 1. Keyword Research Simplified. 2. Private Blog Network Simplified. 3. SEO for Businesses Simplified. 4. Social signals for SEO. 5. SEO Profits Simplified. You will get everything you need to make each of these products a true “Business in a Box”. That’s all for now, but check back here tomorrow.  [...]

The Real Guys show you a no-cost income stream (actually, 5) #ad

If this were not from Paul Counts, Jeff Wellman and Eric Holmlund, three men who have proven their integrity, we wouldn’t have given it a second glance. But they have a long history of providing products and training that other marketers can profitably use. These three men have proven that a beginner can create an online income without having to spend any cash out of pocket. A while back, they created a course which teaches people several business models that can be started and run successfully with no money needed. They now have updated that training to create No-cost Income Stream 2.0. It’s... [...]

24 hour opportunity for big savings #ad

For two days, The Real Guys (Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman) are offering you a package they call IM Guru PLR 2.0, which includes PLR resale rights to five of their marketing training courses: 1. Cutting Edge SEO Mastery 2. Membership Income Secrets 3. Niche Marketing Success Secrets 4. Tee Profit Pro 5. WP Online Store Plus, you get this bonus training: • S2Member Course • Six Figure Affiliate • PLR Profits Workshop • Members Only Live Q&A Webinar To make the decision to invest in IM Guru PLR 2.0 even easier, IM NewsWatch is offering a bonus for you. For two days only,... [...]

Eric Holmlund’s Hot Topic Firesale: Earn from Google Trends #ad

Your sales are automatically improved when you sell what people are searching for because you are giving them what they want. Google Trends, for example, shows you what people are currently interested in. Find out what Google Trends (and Yahoo has a similar service) has to say about the most popular searches are, and then you can offer related products. You need content related to the current hot topics, of course, content on your site people can read or watch, plus content to sell. Eric Holmlund is offering content about the frequently trending topics, such as various entertainment stars, media... [...]

Avoid copyright infringements; get Eric Holmlund’s Graphics Firesale #ad

We all like to have graphics on our sites because it makes a site more interesting to our visitors. However, we need to be careful where we get the graphics we use. We can be charged with copyright violations if we use a graphic without the creator’s permission. Eric Holmlund knows that danger, so he created this firesale package, full of graphics that include all the rights you need for use in your website and other marketing materials. Eric Holmlund and his partner, Naveed Peerzade, have solved the “risky graphics” problem for you. They have also solved the “visually appealing... [...]

Eric Holmlund and Dave Vallieres release new niche product #ad

Both Holmlind and Vallieres have been featured in IM NewSWatch many times in the past for their IM training and products. Their new product takes a different approach. On the theory that (a) you don’t want to put all your income “eggs” in the same basket and (b) (mostly) passive income is a good addition to your active income, they have just released Winning Trade System. They are suggesting that we invest some of our earnings from our marketing work in the stock market. That’s what they have done, and Vallieres has created this new training to show you how to do it wisely. It’s... [...]

‘Let Them See You Sweat’ by Eric Holmlund

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Eric says, “I’ve decided to tell you about a difficult situation I’ve been experiencing lately, but I want to tie it into a quick lesson… after all, the main objective of this website is to provide you with Internet marketing tips”. [Eric Holmlund’s Blog] […]  [...]