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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

“Hack Attack Hero” protects your WordPress site from hackers #ad

Nobody wants their site to be hacked by crooks; you don’t; neither do your clients. Hack Attack Hero shows how to protect WordPress sites from hackers. Most local company sites are vulnerable to hacking. Anyone who can protect them can become a hero to the site owners. Hack Attack Hero reveals three solid methods to squash these attacks before these hacks ever happen. Learn more here.  [...]

Need a product to sell? Easy Link Cloaker Plugin may be just what you need #ad

Easy Link Cloaker is a WordPress Plugin that every marketer or would-be marketer can use. It makes it easy to cloak affiliate URLs without going to an external site (such as Tiny URL, or BudURL.) You can brand it as your own and spread your fame as other marketers use your plugin. You can either sell it or give it away, whichever meets your marketing needs. It’s new and for a short time, it’s now available for an introductory price here.  [...]

Nelio Dos Reis shares “The Secret to Outsourcing Domination” #ad

Done right, outsourcing is the heart of a growing business, freeing the owner to do productive planning and management. Done poorly, outsourcing can be the source of misery, frustration and failure. The Secret to Outsourcing Domination is an insider’s guide to finding, hiring and building a long-term relationship with contractors who can do work for your business and help build it into something great. There are people “out there” who are willing to do good work for relatively low pay. The Secret to Outsourcing Domination shows you how to attract them and keep them. Learn more here.  [...]

Offline Marketers need a “Local Cash Catalyst” #ad

The Local Cash Catalyst report explains the issues you need to deal with in setting up your local marketing business so you structure your operations to earn a profit quickly. Then it takes you through a planning process where you identify the opportunities and where there are gaps in coverage of those opportunities by other marketers. It shows you how to market profitable services and deliver those services efficiently and quickly so people will hire you long-term. It deals with a lot more, and you can find all the facts here.  [...]

How to Make $700 This Week From a Standing Startand every week from Twitter #ad

Mark Lyford, Jouvan Johnson and Corinna have found gold in Twitter. With Mark’s and Jouvan’s guidance, Corinna, starting from nothing-no list, no Twitter account, no experience- grew her Twitter business to over $700/week. Corinna was one of many of their students who found their approach to Twitter the answer to their own failure to make any money marketing online. The thing that makes Corinna stand out is that she took good notes on the process and compiled them into a book she calls Twitter mastery, In Twitter mastery, she shows how you can profit from Twitter even if you don’t... [...]

20 hours and it’s gone. AmaSuite for Amazon affiliates finds hidden niches for you to mine #ad

The AmaSuite tool suite assures that you find the best Amazon products to promote. At the core of AmaSuite are Dave Guindon’s 3 Amazon research software tools The Azon Keyword Generator The Azon Top 100 Analyzer The Azon Product Inspector Together, these tools mine the tons of product data Amazon has collected. They sift through the data to find the best opportunities for affilate sales in the niches you choose. Reviewers are excited about what these tools can do. To ensure success, no matter how new you are, your Dave and Chris are including Chris’s Amazon affiliate training course ... [...]

Subliminally Lead Your Blog Visitors To Click On Any Link You Want With The Covert Action Bar #ad

Tap into computer user psychology to get more clicks on your links. Discover how a yellow line, a single sound byte and one line of text escalated a few clicks a week into thousands of clicks per day. People don’t want to miss out on something good. They will click to get it. You can put your content under a pup-up blocker look-alike and get more clicks. Comes with developer license and PLR license. Price rising; check it out today here.  [...]

Step-by-Step Course shows how to get automatic passive income #ad

Chans Grose has taught 43 students his Commission Peak affiliate marketing system privately. Now he is opening up his training to all of us in this downloadable version of his training. In the Commission Peak videos, he shows you how to build an affiliate business from start to finish, including: Keyword research Site Setup SEO, bscklinking and ranking Tracking results and tweaking your site The videos plus printed guides lay out the step-by-step process. Promise to leave a review and save $10 here.  [...]

Is Komplete Kindle Automation Your Easy Button To Autopilot Kindle Publishing Riches? #ad

Discover how to automate your Kindle publishing business on a shoestring. Amazon does a lot of the work for Kindle publishers. They supply traffic, do the selling and collection, they do customer care. You just have to create the product. But now even that can be automated. Komplete Kindle Automation shows how to outsource your books to professional writers who are native English speakers for less than $100 per book. With this information, you can increase your Kindle sales by publishing more books and better books that get good reviews. Kindle can be the foundation of a good business. Learn how... [...]

“Magic Video Marketing”- low cost custom video marketing for you #ad

They run your video marketing project from start to finish 1. They make you a YouTube video channel 2. They do the keyword research for your project (20 or so good keywords) 3. They make your videos. Each video is Unique with a special formula for the descriptions and tags and title to rocket your video in the Google rankings. 4. They track your videos for keywords and add backlinks to your videos, making them rank on the front page of Google. 5. They maintain your ranking, so you don’t drop from your spots. 6. They work with you every step of the way making sure your project is a success. Check... [...]

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