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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Latest News

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How many Americans Know VoIP?

Verizon-sponsored Harris poll suggests that most Americans have no idea what VoIP is. [Read more]  [Read more]

Radicati Study: Growth in Email Markets

The Radicati Group’s new study shows an increase in medium and large sized businesses opting for hosted email services. [Read more]  [Read more]

Callgen Launches Cost-Per-Call Ads

Callgen, a UK-based advertising industry has launched its first Cost-Per-Call live advert on Google. [Read more]  [Read more]

Ask Jeeves Marked for Spyware

Two anti-spyware companies Sunbelt Software Inc. and Facetime Inc. have flagged Ask Jeeves downloadable search products as “potentially unwanted programs”. [Read more]  [Read more]

Google Gmail: Name Dispute

Independent International Investment Research, a British company, is threatening to use legal action against Google for their right to use the Gmail name. [Read more]  [Read more]

Oracle to Acquire Siebel Systems for $5.85 B

Oracle will acquire Siebel Systems, which makes software to help companies manage relationships with their customers, for $5.85 billion in cash and stock. [Read more]  [Read more]

eBay Buying Skype: Latest Update

eBay is going to buy Skype for $2.6 billion, paying half of it in cash and half in stocks and a conditional payment of $1.5 billion later. [Read more]  [Read more]

Allurent to Tackle Shopping Cart Abandonment

Allurent, a 12-person start-up company has designed a web animation technology to tackle the problems faced by online shoppers in ordering products online. [Read more]  [Read more]

AdSense Publishers Share Tips and Tricks

Joel Comm’s, launched to a select group of members in August, now has 1200 members who share tips and tricks to earn from Google AdSense. [Read more]  [Read more]

Phishing and Online Fraud Increases

The Anti-Phishing Working Group has estimated that thieves collectively launch more than 14,000 phishing schemes monthly and about 5 percent of computer users get cheated. [Read more]  [Read more]

Traditional Companies Buy Web Properties

Leslie Walker of Biz Report says “traditional media companies have been making some startling moves” referring to the sale of web properties. [Read more]  [Read more]

FireFox Upgrade: Beta Released

The first major upgrade of Firefox, Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 (Deer Park) has been released for testing purposes. [Read more]  [Read more]