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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Latest News

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ESPs and Personalized Email Campaigns Expand

Email Service Providers are expanding at an annual growth rate of 33%. Personalized email campaigns account for more revenue and email volume. [Read more] [Read more]

Google CAPTCHA to Catch Blog Spammers

Google has implemented new security measures to control splogs, spam blogs. Google asks the blogger to solve a CAPTCHA to prove it is not spam. [Read more] [Read more]

Internet Ad Revenues Increase

The internet ad revenues are growing at three times the rate of other media average. Brazil, Russia, India and China have supplied 27% of world ad growth this year. [Read more] [Read more]

Google Ads and Geotargeting

Google has been using geotargeting in the AdSense program and now the RSS feeds have geotargeted ads. The ads are specific to the location of the consumers. [Read more] [Read more]

Spanish Speakers Shopping Online to Increase

More than half of Spanish speakers have purchased something online. And this is likely to increase over the next year. [Read more] [Read more]

eBay Announces Free Phone Calls For All in Six Years

eBay will emerge as a leader of three businesses and phone calls will become free in three to six years. [Read more] [Read more]

Ajex Saves Money and Man Hour

Ajex Technology used for Google’s Suggest and Amazon’s Diamond Search tool, can save $10,000 or 500 man hours, per year, according to a study. [Read more] [Read more]

Google and Yahoo Earn Billions

Google had a 96% increase over third quarter 2004 and Yahoo posted a 47% increase. Google was at $1.578 billion and Yahoo was at $1.33 billion. [Read more] [Read more]

Pheedo Tests Multi-channel Ad Campaigns

Pheedo is testing multi-channel ad campaigns that make it easier for advertisers to create integrated ads across blogs, web feeds and podcasts. [Read more] [Read more]

Gmail Engineer Traces the History of Email

Paul Buchheit, Gmail Engineer, has traced the history of email and discussed the rationale behind gmail and its future. [Read more] [Read more]

Google Shares Record High: $335

Google stock traded at $335.55 at 9:26 a.m. German time. Google yesterday reported a sevenfold rise in profit surpassing analysts’ estimates for a fifth straight quarter. [Read more] [Read more]

Google Announces Financial Results for Third Quarter

Google has announced financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2005. Eric Schemidt said that Google has had “another exceptional quarter”. [Read more] [Read more]