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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Latest News

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FTC, Partners Mark March as Fraud Prevention Month

Officials from the Federal Trade Commission and Canadian consumer protection agencies have launched an initiative marking March as Fraud Prevention Month. Through the initiative they aim to raise public awareness of the dangers of fraud throughout the world and educate the public on how to recognize fraud and report it. [Read more] [Read more]

Decline in Search Through the Decade

Search ad spending in the US will increase by 26.2% in 2006. In 2005 it was 33.2%. Starting next year, and through the end of the decade, there will be a decline in search, with modest growth rates in teens, according to emarketer. [Read more] [Read more]

Google Vint Cerf Tours UK to Recruit Engineers

Google Vint Cerf is touring UK to recruit engineers for Google. Vint Cerf is visiting universities to recruit engineers in London for Google’s new R&D center. [Read more] [Read more]

95% of Americans with Incomes More than $150,000 Purchase Online

95% of Americans with household incomes of more than $150,000 have purchased online, in 2005. 68% of the items purchased were clothing/accessories, 54% music and 50% electronics, according to an internet poll by Schulman Ronca & Bucuvalas Public Affairs. [Read more] [Read more]

Broadband Holds 57% of Market, DSL 43%

High-speed internet via the cable broadband held a 57% share of the overall market with Dial-up Services holding 43%, in 2005. Out of 42.8 million high-speed Internet subscribers broadband had 24.3 million and DSL had 18.5 million, according to Leichtman Research Group. [Read more] [Read more]

Mozilla Announces Extend Firefox Contest Winners

Mozilla has announced the winners of the ‘Extend Firefox Contest’. Out of the 200 extensions submitted Michael Wu’s ‘Reveal’ won in the best overall extension category. Reveal offers thumbnail view of pages in search history with a magnifier. [Read more] [Read more]

Rate of Spam Increases 2% in January 2006

The rate of spam has increased 2% in January 2006, compared to January 2005, according to a report by Postini. The total amount of spam quarantined by Postini for January increased 73% [Read more] [Read more]

JotSpot Introduces Pre-Designed Wikis

JotSpot has introduced pre-designed Wikis. The two pre-designed Wikis are JotSpot Bug Reporter and JotSpot Class Reunion Planner. [Read more] [Read more]

AT&T to Acquire BellSouth

AT&T is going to acquire BellSouth for US $67 billion, in an all-stock deal. Under the agreement, AT&T will hold full ownership of Cingular Wireless LLC. [Read more] [Read more]

AOL Launches Open AIM

AOL has launched Open AIM. AOL is inviting developers, online communities and sites to build new plug-ins and custom communications clients based on the AIM platform. [Read more] [Read more]

NBC to Acquire iVillage

NBC is going to acquire iVillage for $600 million. After the acquisition, iVillage will report to Beth Comstock, NBC’s president of digital media and marketing development. [Read more] [Read more]

Google Analyst Day and Google G Drive

Google’s 94 slide powerpoint presentation on the analyst day has given an indication that Google will soon be launching Google G Drive, according to Greg Linden. Google has said in the presentation that Google should be able to make all user files accessible from anywhere. [Read more] [Read more]