AI tools for marketing streamline tasks like data analysis, customer segmentation, and personalized content creation, enabling businesses to optimize strategies, enhance customer experiences, and drive more effective campaigns in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Digital Marketing Institute contributor Emma Prunty has published an article featuring various AI tools you can use in marketing.

She says, “While ChatGPT is on top for now, bear in mind that other AI tools will emerge and evolve. Plus it’s all about what you need to use the tool for. If it’s SEO or customer journey mapping, then look below to see what tools might suit better.

AI Tools for Digital Marketing

There are a number of great AI tools that can help enhance your digital marketing activities. The tool that’s ‘best’ for you depends on the company, industry, budget and goals.

Here are some great all-in-one AI tools for digital marketing which will be followed by ones for specific functions.

  • Sprout Social can handle a range of marketing functions—from social media and customer care to digital marketing and competitive intelligence (including sentiment analysis.
  • Zapier uses AI to enhance and streamline a range of functions such as sales and customer success operations, content and video and PR and social media.”

What Are the Best AI Marketing Tools?

Digital Marketing Institute

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