Digital Marketing Institute has published its new podcast episode ‘The Human Touch in AI Copywriting’ featuring ⁠Emma Prunty.

The DMI team says, “In this episode, DMI podcast producer and today’s host, ⁠Emma Prunty⁠, is joined by marketing strategist ⁠Julie Atherton⁠, and veteran copywriter and AI educator ⁠Kerry Harrison⁠.

Some of the key points in an insightful, wide-ranging conversation:

  • Which AI tools work best for copywriters
  • How to ensure the ‘human’ remains part of the strategic and creative process, such as through Kerry’s concept of an ‘AI sandwich’
  • Ethics in the application and development of AI
  • Transparency between clients and copywriters about AI use and implementing AI policies
  • Gender bias in AI models and what we can do about it… …the ongoing importance of encouraging girls and women in tech”.

Digital Marketing Institute

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