Successful marketing requires teamwork. People having a variety of experiences can strengthen the marketing process and achieve the set goals.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Robert Rose has published an article highlighting seven core roles of a content marketing team.

He says, “Don’t see these roles as a new head count, though for some companies, they may be. Rather, look at these roles as categories of different activities performed by specific members of your team – even if that team is just you.

1. Chief content officer (aka director of content marketing or program director)

Most typically, the chief content officer is not a C-suite position but leads the content marketing efforts. This is the content ambassador or the organization’s chief storyteller. Many times, this person fits what I call the “arbiter of good.”

This person should be responsible for setting the overall editorial or content marketing mission statement and integrating all the content. As every silo (PR, email, social, search, etc.) creates and curates content, it is the CCO’s responsibility to make sure the stories remain consistent and make sense to the audience(s).”

7 Core Roles of a Content Marketing Team

Content Marketing Institute

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