First-party data plays a critical role in creating personalized and exceptional customer experiences.

MarTech is hosting a webinar ‘Your Customer Data Roadmap to Staying Ahead of the Competition’ on Thursday, June 15, 2023.

The DMI team says, “The right Customer Data Platform (CDP) will empower and enable brands with valuable insights into their customers’ engagement, behavioral and transactional preferences. Understanding the intricacies of customers’ preferences and utilizing the customer data effectively will be a game-changer in the delivery of a remarkable CX where all brands are vying for customer attention and loyalty.

Join Redpoint Global’s John Nash, CMSO, and Beth Scagnoli, VP of Product Management, as they discuss the considerations to stay ahead of the competition. Areas they will explore include:

  • Whether your customer data solution needs identity resolution.
  • The data solutions that benefit your marketing strategy and drive ROI.
  • Real-world examples that show how to harness the power of customer data.”

Your Customer Data Roadmap to Staying Ahead of the Competition


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