HubSpot has released ‘The New Manager’s Guide to Effective Leadership‘.

Rebecca Corliss says, “One of the biggest challenges when going from individual contributor to people manager is having to change the way you value your own impact. Every day prior to this promotion you were evaluated on the impact you personally had on the business. From here on out, you’re evaluated on the impact driven by your collective team.

This comes with some good news and some “bad” news:

  • The good news – You and your team combined can most likely have a larger impact on the business than you previously were able to alone.
  • The “bad” news – The impact your team has is not entirely in your direct control — it’s in the control of the individual team members and their efforts. Your new role is to inspire, guide, coach, and most importantly, lead.

To help yourself enter this mindset, you have the opportunity to define how you will be as a leader.”

The New Manager’s Guide to Effective Leadership


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