To rank your blog higher, you should focus on two or three primary keywords per page that are reworded variations. Targeting four or more keywords is difficult because there is limited space in the title and meta description tags to target.

SEO Theory contributor Michael Martinez has published an article explaining whether it is necessary to target keywords.

He says, “If you can identify good queries that aren’t over-optimized (highly competitive), of course you want to do everything you can to optimize for those queries. But if that is all you do then you’re putting all your eggs into one philosophical basket (keyword competition).

Web Traffic Didn’t Always Depend on “Keywords”

When I built my first Website in 1996 I didn’t even know search engines existed. I created the kind of site I thought I would enjoy reading. I announced it on a couple of CompuServe forums and within days people began emailing me. They were surprised someone had taken the time to write thoughtful essays for a Website. And they appreciated the simplicity of my site design (forced upon me by CompuServe’s woefully inadequate Web design interface).”

Are Blog Keyword Targets Necessary?

SEO Theory

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