Sales Pages that ConvertHow to Create Sales Pages that Convert is a course that’s critical for anyone who sells anything online. And it comes with all the extra you need if you would like to teach this material to others.

The # 1 goal of any sales page is to persuade people to buy your offer. To achieve that, it needs to:
➤ Capture visitors’ attention
➤ Elicit their emotions
➤ Connect with their relevant problem
➤ Help them envision a new reality
➤ Prove that you can provide the best solution
➤ Compel them to purchase it

There’s no question about it, to sell online you need to have a sales page, and that page needs to convert visitors who read it into buyers.

This is the fundamental problem all marketers (including online marketers) havewhether they are business owners, product creators, service providers, coaches, retailers, ecommerce site managers, virtual assistants, etc.

No matter who you are, if you’re selling an offer online, you need a high-converting sales page.

If you want to develop pages that convert readers to buyers and even if you want to teach others how to do it, then check out How to Create Sales Pages that Convert fromContent Sparks.

It walks you through each essential step needed to put together a sales page that converts visitors to paying customers.

There are 12 chapters or “modules” in the course. You can see them all on the sales page. This is not just another copywriting course. There’s much more involved.

The package is one of their full “Blaze” course kits (their most elaborate and detailed training kits) so it includes three types of content:
✔️ Student Materials (use these for your own knowledge, whether you plan to teach it or not.)
✔️ Instructor Materials (includes the training in slideshow format.)
✔️ Lead Generation Materials (materials to help you attract students if you plan to teach this as a class, online or in person.)

Together, these materials include:
► A Course Book,
► An Action Guide,
► A Cheat Sheet,
► A Slideshow,
► A Lead Magnet,
► Follow-Up Emails,
► Blog Posts,
► and more.

(You can see a full list of the components on the sales page and grab copy from there if you want.)

This course is on sale this weekend only:

Course: How to Create Sales Pages that Convert
Dates: Friday, October 14th to Monday, October 17th
Discount: 50% Off
Upgrade Pack: Quizzes and Sale Copy (optional, but helpful if you plan to become a teacher of this topic.)
Upgrade Bonus: Social Media Images for the course

The Upgrade bonus is automatically sent via email to anyone who purchases Sales Pages that Convert AND its related (and brand new) Upgrade Pack.

This is your chance to “get smart” about effective sales pages at a discount. And you’ll be set up to teach it if you choose.

Check out this sale now: How to Create Sales Pages that Convert.

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