Paid search advertising is a proven digital marketing tactic for businesses. It helps drive more traffic to your site from the search engines and helps ensure that this traffic is relevant.

Search Engine Land contributor Melissa Liu has published an article sharing four ways to boost your paid search performance.

She says, “PPC practitioners know the standard types of optimizations. Still, as the industry plunges into automation, developing new optimization levers is becoming increasingly difficult.

Want to make your clients happy? Here are four ways you can boost your paid search performance.

1. Ad copy relevancy: how to scream the right message

How do we know what creative works best?

With the shift toward responsive search ads (RSA), you certainly have enough headline space to run all the different USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and calls-to-action, and let Google help you find the best performing combo.

However, what separates the good from the great is having better “input.” That means you want your headline variations to be the most relevant for the person seeing the ad.”

4 ways to boost your paid search performance

Search Engine Land

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