AIWA22 Website BuilderAIWA22 Site Builder was just released, the 2022 upgraded version of the original AIWA. It’s software that builds your websites for your own use or to sell – commercial license is included – without any technical skills needed.

Face it; you need a good website. In our modern, COVID-driven age, every solopreneur and every business needs a website and mobile app.

Having a website with a related iOS app and Android app is essential for online business success.

That’s true for you. It’s also true for millions of businesses you can offer online services to.

For Website and mobile app design and development, USA businesses spend $40 Billion dollars annually.

That’s a business opportunity for you. Other small marketers are doing well by creating sites and apps for businesses:
• Igor made over $800,000 on UpWork, creating websites for others.
• Muhammad made over $650,000 on Freelancer, creating iOS & Android apps for over 213 people.
• Chirag and Daditza made $23,055 and $76,570 for creating websites with mobile apps for others on Fiverr.

Your results may vary, but consider this possibility: with AIWA22 Site Builder, you can also offer services building websites and apps.

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Using AIWA22 Site Builder you can start your own Website & Mobile App Design and Development agency and start creating websites for local businesses.

Remember, there are 60 million businesses in the United States alone. And if you advertise on Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. you can attract clients from around the world.

In the USA, 11 million businesses do not yet have any website (even fewer have a mobile app), and many who do have a site need a new modern upgraded website with Android and iOS apps created for them.

There are over 195 countries in the world. There is almost an infinite amount of demand for website and mobile app creation, and you can earn a piece of this $40 Billion dollar industry when you offer your services online.

Of course, if you only want to build sites for yourself (or for flipping), this new software is so inexpensive that it will pay for itself even if you only use it for yourself.

AIWA22 Site Builder is currently available for a one-time free, unlike other similar applications that cost over $500 a year and more.

Here are all the features you get access to with AIWA22 (+ no-charge commercial license upgrade) today:

✓ Create websites and mobile apps from a keyword, URL or by importing a website in real-time – AI-powered
✓ Create & Manage Up to 50 Websites & Mobile Apps
✓ Import & Export Websites in Any Niche
✓ Fully Mobile responsive
✓ Marketplace [Get web design gigs directly from freelance websites] ✓ Automatic ADA compliant websites & mobile apps
✓ SEO friendly sites/settings
✓ Custom Code Injection (add your coding)
✓ Google Analytics Integration
✓ Over 50 Draggable Building Blocks
✓ 8 Menus-Types & 5 Footer Types
✓ Convert block to modal/popup
✓ File manager
✓ Custom Subdomain feature
✓ Lifetime hosting
✓ Free Lifetime SSL
✓ Add a Custom Domain
✓ Free Lifetime SSL on Custom Domain
✓ Website Revision & history
✓ Shortcode Enabled Content Embedding
✓ Protected content – Create Membership Pages
✓ Deep Analytics
✓ Site Traffic Real-Time Chart
✓ Form builder
✓ AutoResponder integrations

What makes it even better:
➤ you don’t need a domain
➤ you don’t need web hosting or a server
➤ you don’t need to pay extra for SSL

And your new website and mobile app will be built by the embedded AI system so that it is Google-friendly and mobile-responsive.

COUPON CODE “websites”

And when you pick up AIWA22 Site Builder today through th IM NewsWatch link, you’ll get access to two applications you can sell on your websites:
AIWA22 Bonus 1

AIWA22 Bonus 2
The price increases again at midnight. Don’t wait. I’ll place the bonuses on the JVZoo download page.

One last time, here’s your link: AIWA 22 Site Builder.

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