By reaching out to your customers the way they want, you can achieve desired marketing results.

AWeber contributor Chris Bass has published a comprehensive article on building a customer-driven marketing strategy.

He says, “Start your customer-focused marketing strategy with a simple playbook. This playbook will help you collect feedback at every stage of the customer lifecycle — throughout their experience working with you.

You can then use the information you collect to make product updates, alter how you deliver services, or even refine your communication style.

When to ask for feedback: A 4-stage playbook

  1. When a customer has just begun to engage with you – initial collection touchpoints
  2. After purchase/using your services – cadence for in-depth knowledge
  3. Issue handling – all hands customer service
  4. If (hopefully not when) they move on from your business – lesson learning”

How to Build a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy


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